Get Free Stuff By just Collecting Points & Exchange Them With Cool Prizes|Gokano

If you want to get free stuff here is the website name Gokano.

How it works?
You can get free prizes bye just collecting points( like PlayStation, iPhone, camera, Paypal money, random steam game coupon, speaker, drone, action camera and many more).

How to collect points?
There is 4 ways to earn points let me define all of ways.

1). You can get a daily. It will equal to 1 Point.

2). You can referral to your friend when your friend will join by your link you will get a point.

3). It is most important thing at the mission page you will get 4 ways to earn points.

a). First you can see Daily points it is a free points hey you have to answer a question which you will get daily and if you answer it you will get one point.

b). Add another section here extra mission.
It's a extra mission section where you will get animation like MCQs and it could be anything else which is available by this website. You just have to complete it and you will get the point how much value it will be Showing on above.

c). At the third point Its a social mission as you can understand by its name here you have to follow some Facebook page Instagram and on Twitter you will get some link on here and you have to follow them on your social media link if you follow you will get the point but is showing on the above.

d). Last and final fast mission it's a mission section where you will get also some questions like other parts which could be available at any time but you will get its notification on Facebook page so you have to answer it and if you give a right answer you will get points how much is value is.

4). There is an another section player.
At this player section sometimes you will get some videos if you watch them you will get some points as it value is.

5). Last and final it's a redeem section you can redeem some
points which can provided by this website on their Facebook page if you enter the code and redeem it you will get some point as its value is.

What is VP points?
As you can see there are two types of. GN points and vp points.
VP points could be exchange at any time with any price in store section.
At the store section
you can see there are some prices with three different types gadgets, electronic and gift card section.
You can redeem them at anytime if you have valuable points.
How to collect VP points?
On The Gokano Page there is an Offers Section Where you can complete some surveys & get VP points.

How to buy products Using GN points?

It's the most important thing of this website so read this very carefully you can't order price at any time.

You have to colour. As much as it required to buy a product after that the gokano will announce a date of restock.

At this announced it you can buy your favourite product with your points.

What is Restock?

If you know about Flash sale it is same as like this.

The restore came after 40 days gap and there will be flash sale of the whole products for an unknown time.

It means it will be a fast restore you just have the date not an exact time you can't no exact time but you can get notification about restock if you want its notification at that time you have to download Gokano Notification app buy Play Store and you have to use it click on and have to run it on your phone's background.

When the restock will come it will give you exact notification at a time then you can know the restock is on and you can buy anything you want.

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