Drones Rule & Regulation In India.How to Import,Where to Fly,Types of Drones

Drone Rules & Regulation In India

So friends here I am going to tell you some basic Drone Rule and Regulation where to fly?The types of drones and what the full regulation of import Drone?    

I mean how you can import a Drone from a International website. 
First we will tell about drones type there are 4 types of drone which is created by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

    {DGCA-Is a Government Regulatory body of Civil Aviation.}

DGCA created for categories of Drones which is likely to be-:-

1. The first one category is Nano.    In the nano categories of drone we include the only drones which is weighted under 0-250 gram.
2. The second category of drone is micro.     which is likely to be under 250 grams - 2 kg weighted.
3. The third category of drones is small.    Which could be included 2 kg -25 kg drone which is not light weighted.
4. The last and the final category of drones is larger.    Here we can include all types of drone which is above 25 kg's.

Drones Rules & Regulation
{Now it is important for them who have a drone.}

Where to fly a Drone?

  • First of all to fly a Drone or if you have a Drone and you want to fly you need a "UIN" number(Unique Identification number).
  • It's very simple to understand that nobody have permission to fly a drone at anywhere in India.
  • You can just fly a drone in your home without any permission or without any problem.
  • But if you try to fly a Drone in an open place area or we can say in a public place area that is not permitted.
  • You have to take permission at nearby police station and inform them that you are going to fly a Drone at here at that time and for that purpose.
  • If they give you permission to fly Drone at that particular area then you can fly Your Drone where are you ask for.
  • If the don't give you permit then don't try to fly a Drone at that area.
  • It could be Punishable For You to Break Rules.
  • You can also fly a Drone at open place as we can say at the area where are no public place and nothing as far no buildings,no houses,no office,no government office I mean In a far open area like Himalayas or in a desert.
Drones Rules & Regulation

Where to Buy A Drone In India?

  • If you want to buy a Drone in India you can purchase it on any eCommerce website from Amazon or Flip kart.
  • I know its price will some high then international websites but you will face no problem of custom and get your Drone at your home.

How to import a Drone in India?

  • The main part of this whole article it is the Drones are not Illegal in India but there are some Restriction on them in India.
  • On behalf of the proves As I know and as I see their on YouTube.
  • Many people ordered Drones from international websites like Banggood, Amazon.comE-Bay,Gear best and Ali express.
  • They all are International e-commerce shopping website & most of them are Chinese website.

One more important thing you will find drones on Chinese websites at the cheapest price.

[If you don't want to face any custom problem then you have to try this methods to import a Drone in India from international websites.]

1. If you order a Drone from International E-commerce website You have to order a drone and mark them as a gift.

Drones Rules & Regulation
Because if you order this as a gift then you don't have to pay any custom charge or you don't have to face any custom problem you will get your drone without any problem.

2. It's important thing if you use an international website to order anything.     

  • When you place order on international website always choose a private delivery company to deliver that product to you.
    Bhardwaj Zone

  • There should be some cost of it but you will get your product without facing any problem because the company will manage all the custom related problem behalf on you.
  • When you place an order and choose a private company to deliver your product it is their responsibility to reach the product at there customers and also for their companies reputation they have to manage all the problem behalf on you.