How to Extract or Unzip A File

Extract or Unzip A File 

If you want to extract or want to unzip a file it's so simple to do.

1. You just need a unzipper to unzip a file or to extract your file.

Bhardwaj Zone
Pc Unzipper
2. You can download any type of unzipper in your smartphone or in your PC.

3. After downloading unzipper just install it if you are using smartphone you also have to install unzipper application.

4. After installing it properly find your zip file or the file that you want to extract.

5. Just click your right mouse button and you will get some options.

You will find the two options also 

A. Extract file 
B. Extract here.
Extract File

6. You can click any option that you want after clicking it it will ask you to extract file you just have to ok.

7. Your file will be start extracting or unzip.

8. When the file extract process will be done you will find a new folder where you can see your extracted file or unzip file.

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