Ways to Get Verified On Instagram to Make VIP Profile.

Ways To Get Verified On Instagram.....

Many of peoples of finding how they can get verified blue tick mark on their Instagram account to make their account original & Vip and they are finding applications on Playstore that can give them that blue verified mark.

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Get Verified

People also have doubt like
1. Should we need a large number of followers?
But its not true you not need large number of followers to get verified on Instagram.

2. Do we have to pay for verified badge?

You can see many of accounts on Instagram are verified but they don't have any large number of followers because it doesn't matter that you have large number of followers or not.

So how to get verified?

There are three ways to get verified on Instagram and that are legal do if there is nothing hack or nothing illegal.

1. Verified by Instagram

If you are a famous person,celebrity or a big brand then you will be verified automatically by Instagram.

I have a story for you-do you know about Priya Prakash Varrier when she became viral the Instagram seen that she is really famous personality and there are already many articles on her on Google and many persons are finding Her on Instagram.
 Get Verified On Instagram
Having Blue Verified mark

That's why Instagram verified her account. Now you can check she have 6 million followers and you can check her account it is verified by blue tick mark.

Suppose if a company like Cannon creates a new Instagram account Instagram have to verified them because if they don't verified that account there are many people will try to make a fake account on the name of Cannon.

(Note: verification is just a process to verified a person or a brand as there original account Not for showoff)

2. Working with digital agency

If you work for a social media digital agency like promotion, then you can call your agency that you want to verified on Instagram.

That digital media support agency can accept your request to verified on Instagram & can send this request directly to Instagram.

After requesting for verification it could take up to two days to response.

Instagram will response to that digital agencies and can you tell them about verification criteria or about details.

If it will favourable maybe you could be pay for this.

3. Third party option

You can contact with the third party that give you verification badge for the money or If you know a person personally that works in Instagram or connected with Instagram you can ask them to get verified your account they can help to get verified but they will definitely charge for this work.