Top 5 Ways To earn Money Online At Home 2018

Earn Money Online At Home With These-5-Methods

Hello friends today I am going to tell you latest 5 ways in 2018 to earn Money online at home if you want to know full process so read this carefully and follow all the instruction I will tell you in the article so without wasting time let's start.

Before we start there is a very important thing that you should know if you want to earn online come you have to work harder it is not as like you will sit on your home & the money will automatic generate you have to do something which I am going to describe here.
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Earn From Home

What are the ways to earn online?

1. YouTube.

If you use YouTube You Can see the videos at here but you know you can also earn money from YouTube.

Sometimes when you play a video there will be a advertise came before the video it could be a banner ad, video and or anything else it is the advertisement & YouTube pays for its creator who makes video and upload it on YouTube.

What you have to Do?

First of all you have to create your own channel on YouTube then you have to upload some videos here.

when you will achieve views which is a requirement to advertise from YouTube.
When you complete this requirement then your video become monitize it means when someone open your video or you can say when someone click your video there will be a short ad came before your video if the viewer watch this ad till the last or if the viewer click on the ad it's some cost will be added to your AdSense account.
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(AdSense is a Google product where you can see your earning from social media or we can say from your website or YouTube.
It shows full of your detail related to your earning and it's also transfer your earning amount to your bank.)

When you complete $10 you will receive a AdSense pin which you have to put in your YouTube channel monetize section.

And when you completes your first $100 your total amount of earning will be automatically transfer to your bank account by Google.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing I make already a article on it you can read this from here just click on= What Is Affiliate Programme?

Affiliate marketing is a easiest way to earn money online I hope you read my last article about affiliate marketing if you don't read it first & you will understand how to join affiliate program on Amazon or Flipkart.

After Joining Affiliate programme

You just have to create your affiliate link and you can share this links on your social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter or otherwise there you can share it with your friends and relatives.

If someone purchase any product through your affiliate link you will get its some present of total amount it is like a referral program you can refer link and if some one buy you will earn.

3. Website & Blogging

Do you know many peoples are earning money by making their own website or by making their blogs on Google.

You can create your own website it could be any type of website like Movies,Tech,Reviews,Gadgets,Top-5,Top-10 or any other thing which You love to write about.

You just have to publisher from post or if you are using a website you also have to post some articles on your website if you work on your website and blog you can earn too much money.

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Link Website With Adsense

But you also have to link your website or blog with AdSense.

When your AdSense will approved your website will be eligible to earn money by advertisement.

You know when you visit any website you can see there some advertisement like banner ad on them same as you can also put this type of Ad's on your website or blogger but only when if your AdSense become approved.

It's earning will also show on your AdSense account which you can see on AdSense app.

4. By Your Own Application

Here is another way which some difficult but if you want you can also Earn by making your own apps.

It's you can create your own app and publish them on Google Play Store or App store.

If you created app you can publish your own app or you can make apps for any companies or for any person and you can charge also for it.

If you create app you have to publish it on Play Store and play store will give you a admob account which is same as AdSense account and it is also a product of Google.

In your App you can add some advertisement which could be banner ad video AD or other types of AD.

It is same like as YouTube if a Person watch these ads or click on these ads it's earning will also added in your admob account where you will be eligible to withdrawal it direct to your bank account.

If you don't know how to create a app or how to make your own app you can also contact someone else who know how to create a app and you can ask him to make a application for you. 
I know he will charge you but it's for one time investment for this app. After purchasing app you can also published it on Play Store and can earn money.

5. Social media.

It is a most popular and very easiest way to earn money online you don't have to do anything here you just need your followers it should be in numbers of thousands.

You just need a large number of followers on your social media like Instagram, Facebook. Twitter etc.

If you have a large number of followers on your social media you can ask Companies for review products or it could be sponsorship on your social media.

What is sponsorship or review product?

There are many websites on the Google you can find them & ask for sponsorship.

If a company or a brand sponsor you they will pay you to post their products on your social media or they can give you the product for lifetime without any cost you just have to post their website,s product on your social media.

(It means you just have to promote their product and they will pay you for this work.)