Influencer marketing | Influence marketing instagram | social media influencing Become an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing | Influence marketing instagram | social media influencing Become an Instagram Influencer 
Influence Marketing.....

Hello guys Today going to tell you about influence marketing.

what is this and how the companies are earning from influence marketing and if you know there are many celebrities are connected with influence Marketing by Facebook influence marketing,Instagram influence marketing,Twitter influence marketing and etc.
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Today we will know what is influence marketing and full detail about it so without wasting your time let's get started.
Many of you are already know about internet marketing,digital marketing,affiliate marketing and other marketing tips but never hear about influence marketing.

Influence marketing is the biggest platform for companies to promote their product and it is growing day by day very fastly.

What is Influence Marketing?

Let's start with an example did you ever seen any celebrities social media account you can check there there promote some products and there's some social media platforms like on Instagram the post of brand shoes,companies bag food E-commerce website and etc that is influence marketing.
Influnce Marketing
A company contact with the person that have a large number of audience on their social media platforms.
It could be any type of platform like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,YouTube and anything where they can promote their products they choose a person with the highest engage people and they pay them some money or give them that product for free to post photo video or anything about their product on social media platform that is influence marketing.

Types of influence marketing.

Basically there are two types of influence marketing 1st is micro influences and 2nd is celebrity influence.

1. Micro influencer
The common people who have large engagement number with their followers are called micro Influencers.They are common people like us not any celebrity or no any big person or know any famous person a lot,they have just numbers of the engage people that's it.
The company contact Them and pay them some money or they Give the product to them and they just have to post about that product on their social media platform or if they have a YouTube channel they can also feature that product on their YouTube channel.

2. Celebrity influencer
As you can see it's name is already celebrity influencer it means they are biggest celebrity who have biggest followers on there social media platforms you can check any celebrities profile on social media they will have really a very large number on there account that's why they are called celebrity influencers.

How influence marketing works?

Suppose I want to promote my product and need some people to promote this in a particular area so as a company I can't contact each and every person and can't tell them about my product,in that condition-The company will contact directly to the person having large number of followers because they have audience where they can promote the product & for this work company paid them to feature their product on there social media platform that's just because to promote their product.

Fact 1
according to a result it shows that if a company spend $1 to influence a product they earn in return 6.5 dollars.

Fact 2
51% of the marketers says that the video
Content creators are the best ROI( return on investment) it could be any type of video published on YouTube are uploaded on Facebook.

Fact 3
If you know Priya Prakash Warrier she was the viral girl in India and now she having millions of follower on Instagram account.
You can check her account she have already influence about the product.

The influences try to promote a product with their audience and they get paid by the company.
There is a big difference between micro influencers and celebrity influencers.
A big company always tried to influence their product by celebrities because they want to promote their product all around and they already have money to pay celebrities for this work.
But the small companies always influence their product with micro influencers because they just want to promote their product in a particular area where they want & they are not eligable to pay celebrities for this work.

Most of the creator doesn't think good about influence marketing because most of people does paid review or we can say paid promotion they promote some brands without checking or using it they influence product just for money.

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