How to make more money On Youtube|5 Ways to Make Money From Youtube Online|Adsense Alternative

5-Ways to Earn On YouTube.

Today we will talk on how you can earn money from Youtube and what are the ways to earn money from Youtube.
Ways to Make Money From Youtube
Earn From Youtube
First of all you have to create your own YouTube channel and have to make some videos and publish them on your channel.

If you are already a youtuber then you know better what you have to do?

It is the first step and you have to gain some subscribers and views also to earn money from Youtube.

How to earn?

After creating a channel on YouTube and if you have already public some videos you have to gain views and watch hours according to YouTube policies.
Youtube & Adsense
Youtube & Adsense
According to YouTube partner program you need 4000 hours watch time on your YouTube channel to enable it's monetize.

4,000 watch hours?

If you are thinking what is 4000 hours it's so simple
If you uploaded video of 10 minutes it should be watched for 4000 hours.
I mean if your viewers watch your video and it will become 4000 hours then you will be eligible to Monetize your youtube channel.
If you complete this 4,000 watch hours process then you can apply for monetisation of your YouTube channel.

Your earning and your earning and other related information will be shown on you at your Ad Sense account.

2. Sponsorship

If you have a large number of subscribers and viewers you can contact any company to sponsor you or your video.
sponsorship on youtube
sponsorship on youtube
The company will review your channel and your videos also if they will find you eligible for sponsor they will contact you they will pay you some money to sponsor your video.

There are too many website on Google you can search them to get free review products like Famebit, xberts etc.

On famebit or exbers You can apply or can give your proposal to companies to sponsor you.

3. Product Review

It is a large and the most popular way to earn from youtube.
You have seen many videos on YouTube and many of youtubers to doing this.
Product Review
Product Review
They review a product on this channel and give its specifications details and all its performance related information-that is review.

You can contact company and can ask for their product to review on your channel.

If you have a large number of viewers & subscribers on YouTube then you don't have to worry.

The company will automatically try to reach you & can ask you to review there product on your channel.

Most of time company gives you the product for free forever.

But they can also pay you to review their products on your channel.

4. App Review

You can find many of apps on play store and can contact to developer of that App .You can ask them to review there App On Your channel and you will paid by that Developer(Owner).

And if you have a large number of subscribers & viewers then company will automatically reach to you and can pay you to review their App on Your YouTube channel.

In short form-Affiliate marketing is a refer and earn program where you can refer someone to a product link and if they will buy anything from your link you will get paid some Cummision of that product.
Youtube Affiliate
Youtube Affiliate
It could be up-to 12% Of product value.

How to use this on YouTube ?

You can put your affiliate link in description of your each videos you can recommend your viewers to by products throw your link.

You can also check many YouTubes to using this method.

You can put the link as My camera, My mic, My tripod, My Lance,best budget things,And you can put all the links of product that you use to make your YouTube videos &recommend them to purchase.

If they buy throw your link that product you will get some money.

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