9+Ways to Get More Instagram Followers (100% Free) | Become an Instafamous | Increase Instagram Followers+Likes+Comments Without Human Verification |

9 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers (100% Free) | Become an Instafamous | Increase Instagram Followers+Likes+Comments Without Human Verification.... Become an Instafamous

Do you want to be....Instafamous?

Well of course you do, who Doesn't?
Hack these days is instafamous people are like a celebrity.
Are you ready to become more famous on Instagram?
Well unless you follow these exact tips you are gonna become Instafamous.
Become Instafamous
Become Instafamous
Today I am going to share with you Proven ways you can explode your Instagram growth. Because Many of you are Finding "Ways to Get More Instagram Followers, Increase Instagram Followers+Likes+Comments Without Human Verification.

1.) Like, Comment & Follow Other's

You have heard this before but probably you are doing this wrong.
People told you to make sure you comment, like and follow other people who are Popular so that way you get more followers?
Follow Others
Sure, that's true but that piece of advice is only Halfway correct and here's what I mean if you start following a female model and you start liking all their Stuff and then dose followers see your comment they come to your profile. They start liking your photos, Do you know what's gonna end up happens?
After a while, they stop liking your photos & videos.
Why?, Because those followers are really irrelevant to what you do.

You have to get very relevant followers.
So make sure to like, comment & follow other people but they have tone within your industry. See Instagram have this algorithm which looks how many comments, likes you get when the pictures first getting published & if people are following within your industry sure you'll have a lot fewer followers but the ratio of likes & comment, share gonna be way higher.
Which means your picture gonna go more viral they are gonna go discover pages & you are gonna get more followers.

2.) Visual & Emotional Content

The 2nd tip I have for you is post visual & emotional content consistently if people are bonding with your content & it's not visual & emotional they're not gonna keep following you they're not gonna leave comments they're not gonna like your stuff it has to be super emotional.
Just think about it,if your content is visually appealing and it's just striking people whether it's video or picture & your are doing this consistently people are gonna continuously following you.

The reason I also mentioned consistently is because not everyone's gonna see your videos & pictures right away sometimes people take breaks
They are not all on Instagram ever single hours like you are.
Some people only check their Instagram once a week so you have to be consistent with your content as well.

3.) Submit Content to Other

3rd tip I have for you is to submit your content to other Instagram accounts & here what I mean by that, There's Instagram account on everything slot of people are lazy but they have a ton of followers cuz they were early on & all they do is take curated content & publish it & tag the person
 That they got the contents from.
For example,if you're in men's fashion there's a lot of Instagram profiles that just features other men's fashion image & videos from other accounts.
So make sure you create content & submit that to others account.

It's a great way to get tagged by others popular accounts That ha e more followers than you & some of those followers will come back to your profile & start following you as well as leaveing comments & liking your picture.

4.) Collaborate

4 Tip I have for you is to collaborate with other influencers. you've probably seen this before on Instagram, where people post pictures of each other & they both tag each other on each other's profile & this helps to get more followers & I,m not really talking about that when it comes to collaboration but that, of course, works as well.
Become an Instafamous
And here what I mean with the collaboration.Let's say you have a picture with your friend, I'm sitting here with my buddy.
Let's say we both take a picture on Instagram & we wouldn't just put it up & tag each other but we could also do stuff like"Hey-we're gonna give a Giveaway & Giveaway 10 iPhones or whatever it may be "Make sure you tag us both & share this picture on your Instagram account or repost it" & when you do that not only you will be leveraging my audience we're also leveraging my friend's audience.

But the key with is to start with influencers who have a similar amount of followers that you do & then after yours grows you can then climb your way up to more popular people on Instagram.

5.) Pictures with Memes

5th tip I have for you is to make sure that by are posting pictures with memes.
Tag a friend who you love to go here with but don't use old pictures that people already saw on Instagram This has been played out so many times it doesn't work unless you're using creative, new images & you know so you can do really spruce this up?
You can turn on Instagram advertising & push more traffic to that image Which will make you meme go more viral it'll start tagging more people & you'll get more comments & more followers.

6.) Amazing Description

Make sure you have a really Good profile image, Something That's professional looks good & just having a profile image isn't good enough.
You need to put in your Name, Description & make sure your description is Catchy.
Let's say i want to create an instagram profile about Me, Shubham Bhardwaj. I Will create an amazing description i'll do something like "Shubham Bhardwaj, Having Youtube Channel With(No of Subscribers)Subscribers, Having own Blogger Website"Short Simple to the point.

Give people reason to follow you.

Your Description should also match the type of content that you're going to post on your Page.
That way, people know who they are going to be Following & why. Once you did that, make sure you create amazing beautiful images.
If the images are't good, you're not going to do well. I don't care what kind of marketing gimmicks you run. You're not going to do well unless your photos are amazing. That's the beauty of Instagram. You can actually see what's done really well in the past.
just search using Hashtags or keywords you'll see all the photos within your space that have done as well.
The more visual photos are,the better off you are.

7.) Consistent Basis

In Additional to that, You need to post on a Consistent Basis.If you post once a week, you're going to get more likes for photos & that's what everyone wants, Right. But what you'll also notice is that you're not growing your Followers account fast enough.

You're actually better off if you post once to twice a Day keep the consistent schedule.
make sure if you post every day at 10:00 a.m, you keep up with it.
If you also want to post at night time like 6:00 p.m, do it twice a day,10:00 a,,.in the morning, 6:00 p.m. at night.
Those are two good time slots that work really well.

In addition to that, use a really long description. Anytime you add a photo to Instagram, you're able to add some text.

The more thorough your text is, When people do searches on Instagram, the more people will find your photo. You can also add Hashtags.

 8.) Hashtags or keywords

Use a handful of hashtags to your photo.

Hashtags or keywords
Hashtags or keywords
 I know some people go overboard and they like adding like 30 hashtags per photo. I think that's a bit crazy and tricky.i don't like doing that but if you want to add 5 or 10, not a problem, right.
It's better than using zero or roughly use between 5-10 Hashtags.

9.) Best of all, make sure you follow 30 people per hour.You can technically follow more people per hour but then,It gets too spammy and you, re going to hit Instagram filters.

Instead, Follow 30 People within your space per hour or 30 people that interested you.As you do that, You'll notice that a lot of people will Follow You Back. As they Follow you back & you start posting new photos, Not only will you get more likes but you also get more comments.
10.) When you got more comments, Make sure you respond to people. The more people you engage with & respond with, the more likely that they, re actually going to share your photos with other people.
One cool thing you can also do as you have more followers in when you add a picture, let's say if it's of a destination, you can do things like tag a friend that you Love to go to Hawaii with. Let's say you're in Hawaii & you put a beautiful picture of Hawaii, Right?
That will cause other people to tag more people,So more people will see your photos and that will cause you to get more followers.

It's that simple Use those Techniques & your Instagram account will grow really fast.
So if you follow those exact tips your Instagram following gonna explode!
You'll become instafamous, you'll start walking down the street and everyone's gonna be like " Hey- I'M following you on Instagram, you are awesome & amazing.

So if you want to be Instafamous follow those tips, not one,not two follow all of them.