Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.|Affiliate Marketing Jobs Anyone Can Earn

Earn Money Online At Home With Affiliate Marketing Easily Without Doing Anything.

Affiliate programme?

Do you know you can make upto 1,000 s rs in just one day or much with online Affiliate marketing.

Here i,m going to tell you in Depth What is Affiliate Marketing?|How Affiliate Programme Works?|How to join Affiliate Programme?|And Most important  thing How to Earn Online From Affiliate Programme?

And Yes you can use your social media Platform To make More Income In a Day Let's Move On.

You just have to create your affiliate link and you can share this links on your social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter or otherwise there you can share it with your friends and relatives.

If someone purchase any product through your affiliate link you will get its some present of total amount it is like a referral program you can refer link and if some one buy you will earn.

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Affiliate Earning 
How To Join Affiliate Programme?

You just need a Amazon account if you don't have you can create your Amazon account and just login.

After logging in on Amazon just scroll down and you will find at the end of the website some options on the third option you will get make money with us.

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Become An Affiliate

Hey you will get a sub heading which is become an affiliate just click on it.

After taking it you will redirect to Amazon associate program page where you will find login and below it there is another option join for free.

Click join for free to become an affiliate on Amazon.when you will click it will ask you for login again you just have to login.

After that you will get an another page where it will show your some details related to you and your address with contact number,you can change that information also.
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Create Affiliate Account

Below this whole section there is a option that is only for us residential so just select No and click next.

You will redirect to website and apps section you can add your website or application just for advertisement purpose.

In future if you want to show amazon's ads on your website or your application you need to put your website or applications link here.

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Link Website Or App

Click add to submit your website all application and for next page click next button.

Here is next section which is profile here it will ask you for some information so read this carefully and fill correctly-

1. Username
It should be a unique username that has never been used on Amazon affiliate program.

2. There is some more information that is related to your website or application it will ask your website or applications category or you can say what your website or application about is?
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profile Section

Fill the details which is only related to your website and application so just read it carefully and fill the information correctly which is asked for.

After filling all the details correctly you just have to click next for next step.
That is the final step to finish all requirements for associate program start using associate central.

Here it will show you your tracking ID which is unique username that you have used on first page it will help Amazon to track the order placed by your link.

You can also add your bank account number to receive payment from Amazon affiliate program. You have option to add your bank account details later.
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Process Confirmed

After doing all the process related to your joining you will receive an email on your email address so find that mail and click get started.
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Confirmation Mail

You will redirect to your Amazon affiliate Association programs main page where you can create your own link of the products and can send to your friends or anybody else to get paid.

You can search the product and can create your affiliate link easily.

If someone purchase any product through your affiliate link you will get its some Cummision of total amount it is like a referral program you can refer link and if some one buy you will earn.



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