Earn Money At Home by Freelancer Job Online Fiverr.|Make Money Online free By Skills.|online jobs from home in india

Earn Money At Home by Freelancer Job Online Fiverr.|Make Money Online free By Skills.|online jobs from home in Any Country.
Fiverr Be Your Own Boss.

Did you ever hear about freelancer websites if not so today I am going to tell you about freelancer website named Fiverr.

Let me tell you about a Freelancer website. A Freelancer website is a platform where you can provide your services to persons and they will pay you for your service that you have provided them it's like a online job at home you can just sell your services to anyone and can get paid for your services.
Fiverr is same as like that it's a Freelancer website which is used in worldwide by many of users there are too many people already joined this platform and they are earning too much just because of their skills that they have.
Make Money Online
Make Money Online
You can provide any type of your Skill like-if you can make a website,you can do SEO of website,logo maker,video maker,video editor,intro maker or many of the other skills that you have and wanted to earn by your skill So this platform is only for you.

It is trust-able analyse website used in worldwide so there is no doubt about this website let's start How to join?,How to make your account?,How to create a profile?,How to sell your skills?.
All i,m gonna tell you....

First of all you have to go on Fiverr you can Go directly by clicking Above on the link and you will get an interface where you can find three options-Become a seller,Sign in.Join.
To create a account just click on join and it will ask you for your email address just login by your email address because there is needed some information about you like your language your age and etc you can also sign up by your Facebook account.
Make Money Online
Join by E-mail
Then it will show you your email and your name to join Fiverr just click join and you will be redirect to its home page.
when you will join it you will get option where you have to keep your full profile so let's start.

1. Overview

Gig title At The Dictator option you have to fill your skill that you want to provide another life we can make application a website we can make a intro anything that you want to provide just feel it here.
Make Money Online
Fill Category,Tittle,Tags

Just click on category and select which is your skill related to. Suppose I create a blogger so I will choose here web designer as like that you can choose a category that belongs to your skill.

Search tag
Search tag is as like YouTube tags if you doesn't know what is that it's so simple.

If someone come to Fiverr and search anything related to your still or the service you are providing you need to fill some word or we can say some keywords that is related to your skill for service you are providing and then the person will be automatically find your profile on Fiverr and they can reach to you Easy By the Tags.
After filling all information just click save and continue.

2. Pricing

you can select the pricing of your services that you want to receive for your services are for your skills that you are going to provide to someone. just feel your name of package describe the detail of offering delivery time and etc that you want to feel but read them carefully and faill wisely.
Make Money Online
Price of Your Service

# My gig extras

You can earn some extra money by providing your some extra skills or if you deliver it before the limited time you can charge some extra Cost for this also.
Then save and continue for the next.

3. Description and FAQ

At the description or FAQ you have to describe about your skills or your services briefly what you are going to provide what are the requirements? What services are included in this skill.
Make Money Online
Describe Your Services
Suppose-If I am going to create a website for someone I will fill here:-

Full SEO setting, Templates, Footer,Theme and etc that is related to my website and I am going to provide in my skills the whole thing I will describe fully here.

4. Requirements

IN acquirement here you have to fill all the things that you need to start your work as like-if I am going to create a website for someone I need a email address or anything that I want to start my work I will fill it here so just fill that part clearly.

5. Gallery

It is the main Or important part of your Whole setting that you have done you have to put some pictures related to your skill or your services you are going to provide. You can attach 3 photos here.
Make Money Online
Add photos
You can also attach your Video if you want you can also add you PDF file here for more information.
To add your photo video and any PDF document you can just drag and drop it here that's it.

Now your profile is totally completed almost you will receive a message of congratulation here and it will so you to verify your account.
Make Money Online
Verify Now
To verify your account you just have to select your country and your phone number to receive verification code when you will do this you will get a verification code just fill it and the processes is done.

If you want to change or add anything in your profile you can edit that by clicking on your profile you will see here all your detail that you have filled here and you can change that anytime anywhere.
Make Money Online
Edit From Here
You can provide any type of your service that you have and that you want to give to someone you can create more Gigs for them.

Now if someone come to Fiverr and wanted to create a website or if they are finding a web designer so they will search on the menu and they will get many profiles of the service providers and they Will also reach to me by clicking on my profile.

So it's on you totally how do you work?,How much better quality do you provide? the customer will definitely pay you according to your work.

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