Monetize Social Media to earn Online From Home|Earn From Instagram,Facebook,Twitter etc

Monetize Your Social Media Platform To Make Money,Earn From Instagram,Facebook,Twitter etc...
Social media.

It is a most popular and very easiest way to earn money online you don't have to do anything here you just need your followers it should be in numbers of thousands.

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Social Media Monetize

You just need a large number of followers on your social media like Instagram, Facebook. Twitter etc.

If you have a large number of followers on your social media you can ask Companies for review products or it could be sponsorship on your social media.

1. Sponsorship or review product?

There are many websites on the Google you can find them & ask for sponsorship.

If a company or a brand sponsor you they will pay you to post their products on your social media or they can give you the product for lifetime without any cost you just have to post their website,s product on your social media.

(It means you just have to promote their product and they will pay you for this work.)

You can use affiliate programmer here if you don't know what is Affiliate Programmer Or how to earn from Affiliate Marketing so read this = AFFILIATE MARKETING

You can share your affiliate link on your social media platform you can recommend your followers to buy products throw your link.

You can also check many YouTuber to using this method.
They Put there Affiliate link in there video Description.

They put the link as My camera, My mic, My tripod, My Lance,best budget things,And you can put all the links of product that you use to make your YouTube videos &recommend them to purchase.

If they buy throw your link that product you will get some cummision in money form.

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