How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

how to create a blog for free and make money

Website & Blogging

If you want to Earn Money From Home then it is a perfect match for you to get paid online.

Do you know many peoples are earning money by making their own website or by making their blogs on Google.

Earn money By Create your Own website
Earn At Home
You can create your own website it could be any type of website like Movies,Tech,Reviews,Gadgets,Top-5,Top-10 or any other thing which You love to write about.

You just have to publish Some post or if you are using a website you also have to post some articles on your website.

If you will work on your website and blog you can earn too much money.

How to Create Your Blog or Website?

Blogger-is a free way to create your own free website without any charges Just by using your E-mail address & you can earn from here also.

just search on your google & create your own Website by filling its Tittle name & its Address also (Address will help to find your blogger website on google search).

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Create Blogger Id

After Creating your own Blogger website You can start Writing Posts in your blogger just click New post Then you will redirect to a blank page where you can write & post anything That you love & want to write about. 

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Blog Post
To Monetize your blogger You have to post minimum 15 Articles & your Blogger Should be some Old not a brand new.

After doing this whole thing you can apply to link your website or blog with AdSense.

(AdSense is a Google product where you can see your earning from Blogger or we can say from your website or YouTube.
It shows full of your detail related to your earning and it's also transfer your earning amount to your bank.)

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Google Adsense

When your AdSense will approved your website will be eligible to earn money by advertisement.

Google will Show Advertisement On your Website & Will pay you Some Percentages Of advertisement to you.

You know when you visit any website you can see there some advertisement like banner ad on them same as you can also put this type of Ad's on your website or blogger but only when if your AdSense become approved.

It's earning will also show on your AdSense account which you can see on AdSense app.

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