How to get unlimited likes on Instagram Post | Automatic Instagram likes for Free

How to get unlimited likes on Instagram Post|
unlimited likes on Instagram
unlimited likes on Instagram
If you are searching websites or applications to increase likes on your Instagram posts unlimited as much as you want so here it is.

Here we are going to talk about an Application named Neutrino.

I already have an article about this application how it works how you can download signup and how to use it to gain follower so read that article first before we move forward.

After reading that previous article about this application let's move on how to get free unlimited likes on your post in just a minute.

at this application you will find option on the first tab where you can check your post that you have posted earlier or if you don't post anything make sure to post at least one photo or picture on your insta profile.

On first tab you will see your post.
Just click on it now you will get some options to exchange your Diamond points with like on your post.
Select Likes Amount

The amount of diamond you have to pay for like is One Like = 4 Diamond Point.

Means you have to pay 4 Diamond for one like.

Here you can select your amount of likes and your Diamond Point will automatically reducted from your account.

It will deliver your amount of likes that you have chosen or we can say that you have exchange for your Diamond Point within 1 hour.

automatic instagram likes
Exchange points
By using this method you can gain Limited like as you want to be on your insta post.

But here you will need diamond points that you can gain by follow others on this application so just follow them and give points and exchange them with the likes that you want on your post.

The number of likes is depend only on your points that you have if you have much. You can get much likes if you don't have. So go and collect them.

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