Hide Whatsapp blue tick | whatsapp blue tick disable android

Hide Whatsapp blue tick | whatsapp blue tick disable in android
Hide blue tick

As we know when someone reads our message or we read another message that they sent to us then there will a blue tick you can see on screen that shows the message is readed or not.
Hide Whatsapp blue tick
Message Read Mark
If you are Finding (How can I hide blue ticks on WhatsApp?,How Can i turn off the blue ticks on WhatsApp?,How can I hide my online status in WhatsApp?,How do I go offline on WhatsApp?) So Here is its Solution.

It's Simple just go to WhatsApp settings find account setting go to privacy here you will find at the end Read receipt it will be checked so uncheck this then it will be Done.

Setting>Account setting>Privacy>Read Receipt

Now no one can see that blue tick on their message if you read their message or if you don't read.

Hide whatsapp blue tic
Find Privacy In settings
Hide Whatsapp blue tick
2.Remove That Tic Mark

NOTE : but don't forget you will also not going to see that blue tick on your whatsapp.
Means you will not be able to see that blue tick when someone will read your message or not that you sent them.

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