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If you use YouTube You Can see the videos at here but do you know you can also earn money from YouTube?.

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Earn From Youtube
YouTube is a Best Platform to Advertise your Business because i think every person who uses internet definitely use YouTube.

Because YouTube is a world wide platform to share videos,Thoughts & Your Business also.

The companies contact google Through Adword (Adword is also a google Product or website where you can advertise your business on any google's Platform where you want to but you have to pay to show your advertisement on Google's Platform) To advertise there website business or website & for that the companies Pay to google.

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Google Adword

Google manage all the payment's wisely.They distribute Some Percentage of Advertisement  fees With Youtube Creators to show advertisement on there videos.

Sometimes when you play a video there will be an advertisement came before the video it could be a banner ad,video ad or anything else it is the advertisement & YouTube pays for its creator who makes video and upload it on YouTube.

What you have to Do?

First of all you have to create your own channel on YouTube then you have to upload some videos here.

when you will achieve views which is a requirement to advertise from YouTube.
When you complete this requirement then your video become monetize.

it means when someone open your video or you can say when someone click your video there will be a short ad came before your video if the viewer watch this ad till the last or if the viewer click on the ad it's some cost will be added to your AdSense account.

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(AdSense is a Google product where you can see your earning from social media or we can say from your website or YouTube.
It shows full of your detail related to your earning and it's also transfer your earning amount to your bank.)

When you complete $10 you will receive a AdSense pin which you have to put in your YouTube channel monetize section.

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Google Adsense Pin

Note : Adsense Minimum Payout is of 100-$.

when you will complete your first $100 your total amount of earning will be automatically transfer to your bank account by Google.

But you have to Give your Bank Account to Adsense first..

If you work on a better content you will definitely Gain much As you want.

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