What is use of WhatsApp two steps verification|How To Enable Two Step Verification In WhatsApp

Secure your WhatsApp Account by using Two Step Verification.No One Can Hack Your WhatsApp Account After This.
Secure Your Whats App Account

Many of you uses WhatsApp but you doesn't care about your security.Everyone who uses WhatsApp should know about two step verification/two step authentication.

because that is the most important thing in your WhatsApp account that can secure your account to be hacked.
how you can secure your WhatsApp account how to manage it and how to use WhatsApp two step verification/two step authentication.
let's know about What is two step verification and how to use how to enable and how it can secure your WhatsApp account let's move on.

What is two step verification?

Basically in short word is a feature to secure your WhatsApp account by hackers or by anybody else who want to know your personal information from your WhatsApp.

if someone try to install WhatsApp in your phone and login with your phone number and wants to hack your WhatsApp by OTP then you can do this easily if he got your phone.
And your account will be hacked.

But listen you can safe your WhatsApp account by hackers day can't login your WhatsApp account even if they have the OTP also.

When you enable two step verification it provide you doubble security of your account.
When you will enable it it will RC for a permanent password that password is your accounts permanently password whenever you will login your account at anywhere at any smartphone you have to fill this password to login.
if you don't have this password you can't log in your account even if you have OTP also.
That's how it works and secure your account totally be hacked by other means it's full security of your account and you should try this now

How to use two step verification on WhatsApp?

1.Just open your WhatsApp and go to setting.
2.Go to account setting
3.Then go to two step verification.
4.you will get here some information about it and at the end option to enable it just click it. 
It will ask you to fill a password of at least 6 characters so filll this password carefully because it is your full time password of WhatsApp it's very important so choose is wisely that you can remember easily.

Click next,You have to fill that password again.
After that on third step it will ask you for an email address because of recovery of your password.
means in future if you forget your password you can recover it by your email address.
WhatsApp will send backup code To Your email address that you will choose here.
Once again full your email address.
After filling your email address again just click on save.Now the process has been done.
Now you can see your WhatsApp account is totally secure no one can hack your WhatsApp account even if you'r lost your phone number.

I suggest everyone who uses WhatsApp please enable this setting in your WhatsApp account because that is the most important thing on your WhatsApp that provides you Security for your privacy of WhatsApp.

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