5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media | Earn From Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube,Linkdin

Here is the Ways to Make Money on Social Media | Earn From Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube,Linkdin.... Earn From Social Media.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.You're probably on all of 'em.And you know what?
Why not monetize and make money?
 Make Money on Social Media
 Make Money on Social Media 
But people are probably telling you that you need a product to make money.That's a bunch of bullshit.
Hey, everyone,today I'm gonna share with you five ways you can monetize your social media audience without a product.

1.) Promote someone's product

The first tip and the first strategy,and this one's really simple,is just go and promote someone else's  product.Whether it's from the affiliate rake,or they're paying you a specific cost per promotion,or whatever it may be.

Why not just promote someone else's product?
For example, I have a huge social media following,or at least I think it's a decent size,for anything marketing related.So if I go out there and I say, hey,you should go use Ahrefs or BuzzSumo, or SEMrush.
 Make Money on Social Media
Promote Products
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Now, I don't have a deal with them,and I don't have a affiliate rake or anything like that with these guys,but if I wanted to, I probably could get one.
I'm driving 'em signups, I'm driving 'em revenue,and it's really easy to hit 'em up and be like,hey, I want a commission.
Most of these guys already have affiliate programs on the bottom of their website.All you have to do is sign up,and use that link whenever you're talking about them on the social web.
Here's what's cool about it.
You can even go to sites like Amazon, Best Buy.They all have affiliate offerings and pages.Even the largest companies that you can think of are doing affiliate marketing,so it's really easy for you to go pick any type of product out there that's related to your audience and sell it.

2.)  Partner with someone Having product

The second strategy I have for you is partner with someone who has a product but doesn't have a audience.

Here's what I mean by that.
 Make Money on Social Media
These days, influencer marketing is huge.When you put a brand, a personal brand,behind a product, you can crush it.
Think about how cool that is.
You can promote it, do really well for 'em,and you can take a cut of the business.Not just a cut of whatever sales you drive,but you can get a fraction of that business.Could be 2, 3%, 5%, 10%, whatever it may be.

3.) Place ads

The third strategy I have for you is just place ads within your videos.

If you're on social media, create videos and put 'em on sites like YouTube.They'll automatically put ads for you,if you wanna monetize it.
 Make Money on Social Media
Earn By Ads
Yes, you're not gonna be the richest person,but you can easily make 2, 3 grand a month.That may not seem like a lot,but it could give you enough flexibility and freedom where you don't have to work for someone else.
amount of money, also aim for financial freedom.And by just putting ads on your videos,or if you have a WordPress site you can allow them to monetize and you can let them make you money in promoting those articles via social media.
It's an amazing way to end up making free money or little, or easy money, from ads.

4.) Influencer marketing

The fourth strategy I have for you is influencer marketing.

And not the same influencer marketing that I talked about a few strategies ago.Why not go and say, hey, you sell teeth whitening.I'll pay per post to promote you on Instagram.
 Make Money on Social Media
Influncer marketing
You see it on Instagram all the time.People promoting other people's products, taking pictures.And they're not getting paid by per sale.They're usually not getting paid on a "ad basis"they're getting paid to be like a influencer,and they're getting paid for, let's say,three months, six months, or a year.
They have a contract.And they post typically one picture a month or one a week, and they get paid a monthly salary.
That's an amazing, easy, awesome way >to make money if you have a social following.

5.) Premium content 

Number five, last but not least is Premium content.
Here's what I mean by this.
On Instagram you see a lot of these models taking pictures of themselves.And then, they use something called Patreon where they're like, hey, you can subscribe on Patreon,give me money each and every single month,and I'll show you premium content.
You can do the same thing.what you can do is, you can create exclusive,more detailed, thorough articles or exclusive videos.
For example, I'm shooting videos here.You're watching 'em.Why can't I shoot 30-minute videos or one-hour videos that break down step-by-step how to do everything from A to Z and charge for that?
I could, I don't really care for the money, so I'm not But that's a good idea of creating premium content and charging for it.
And you know what?
I know I said this video's gonna be five,but because you stayed to the end,I'm gonna give you one extra, bonus tip.And the bonus tip for you is,you don't need a product to generate income.You could just go find someone else's product,white label it, in essence you're creating your own business.They can drop ship it for you.And they'll do a deal where every time you sell a product, you send 'em the information,they'll ship it out, and you give 'em the money,and you keep the difference.
I hope these tips help you monetize your social profile.It's not that hard.You just gotta put in the time and effort and be patient, keep tweaking.
One model may be better for you versus a other one.see what works and sticks,and then just move forward with that.