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Here is Best Amazing Chrome Extension For You | Chrome Useful Extension Only For You Must Try Them....  Amazing Chrome Extension's.

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that you can use the ability to add extensions that can enhance your overall browsing experience is a feature that many people like.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

If you use another chromium based browser like opera or one of my personal favorites Vivaldi.
Chrome extensions can be used with those browsers as well today I will show you ten Chrome extensions in various categories these add-ons are all free to use and amazingly useful can make your web browsing easier and more productive.
so Without Wasting A Time Lets Get Straight To the Point..

First up is Full Page Screen Capture there are a lot of screen shot tools that will capture what is visible on your screen but if you need a screenshot of an entire web page that process can be tedious.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

This extension will auto scroll an entire web page and take a screenshot that can be viewed in a single image here is how it works in the upper right left click on the full page screen capture extension to take a screenshot when it's done it will open in a new tab with the screenshot of the entire web page.
you can save this image to your computer by selecting download here at the top if you select options you can change the default image format your choices are PNG and JPEG many of you are probably familiar with.

**  DuckDuckGo  **

DuckDuckGo the Search Engine that doesn't track you in addition to searching privately.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

Their privacy essentials extension will force encryption when available block trackers and assign a privacy grade when you visit a website for example when you're on a site if you click on the privacy essentials icon you can see the privacy grade for that website.
They've given the site ad grade but with the enhancements forced by this extension.
It has changed the grade to A B.you can view the trackers being blocked by clicking into it.if you're already a fan of their search engine check out DuckDuckGo privacy essentials.

For those of you that keep asking for an easy-to-use screen recorder the loom video recorder couldn't be any easier to use.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

It's a hundred percent free it can record your screen and webcam at the same time with just one click. if you want to try out loom they do provide a tutorial on how to use it right on the extensions page.

**  Panda 5  **

If you're like me and you visit multiple sites each day to get your news and information Panda 5 is a cool extension that puts all your sites in one tab.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

So you don't have to open multiple tabs when added it becomes your new homepage in Chrome.it has all the web sites organized along the Left selecting a theme will show articles for that site to the right which can be easily opened by selecting the article after you install this extension.

**  Foxclocks  **

If you have friends or business associates around the world Foxclocks is useful for showing you the current times in different cities without having to do a search in your favorite search engine to get the times.

Just click the Fox clocks icon and you'll see your times listed to add a new city just type the name of the city and select it and it will show up.

**  Hover Zoom  **

On this list Hover Zoom is a simple extension which works on many websites to zoom in on a picture by hovering your mouse over an image.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

having this extension installed reduces the need to open new image tabs or load new pages to view the larger image than your screen are automatically resized to fit your screen area.

**  Super Netflix  **

Up next is Super Netflix,sadly this is not a way for you to get Netflix for free.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

This extension is for those of you that watch Netflix on your computer to give you more control.
when you click on the super Netflix icon you can change several of the defaults including the bitrate leaving it at zero. lets Netflix choose the bitrate you can have a set to automatically skip intros and if you don't like spoilers you can choose to blur out.

**  Mercury Reader  **

If you hate clutter on a webpage Mercury Reader cleans up that page to show you easily readable versions of that webpage without all the distractions.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

When you're reading an article let's take a look at this page from a popular website there's a lot going on here to clean things click the mercury reader icon in the upper right and there's less noise on the screen to distract you.

**  Ublock Origin  **

If you use an ad blocker to help you deal with intrusive advertising my personal favorite is still a Ublock Origin.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

The reasons to use it is because it's easier on system resources than most of the others and it blocks most of the ads and unlike some of the other ad blockers you block origin does not take paola from advertisers to let their ads slip through if you want to support a website and enable ads whitelisting that site is easy select the you block origin icon and click on the power button to enable ads for that site.

**  Extensity  **

Many of you know having too many extensions enabled can slow down your browser the Extensity add-on makes it a lot easier to enable and disable your Chrome extensions.
Best Amazing Chrome Extension

When you need them to quickly enable or disable extensions.select the extensity icon now you'll see your full list of extensions those that are disabled will be grayed out to enable extension just left click on it to activate it.
If you scroll to the bottom of the list you can also enable or disable apps that are installed in Chrome if you have a lot of add-ons installed Extensity is a must-have extension.

What is your favorite Chrome extension let me know in the comments...