Instagram Security Setting |Secure Instagram From Hackers.

Is your Instagram Account Is Safe!If you Think No So Here iS Some Tips To Secure Your Instagram From Hackers....... Secure Instagram Account...

Hey guys do you use Instagram,if yes so this article is very important for you.
As you know the security of Our Instagram or other social media is very important because there are too much our Private data that can be hacked by hacker and our account also could be hacked.

We can lose our our that are we want to secure but don't know how to today I am going to tell you about how you can secure your Instagram account properly.
So without wasting our time let's get straight to the point.

So nice here I'm going to tell you some tips if you follow them definitely you will save your Instagram to be hacked.

1. Add your email address

So guys if you created your Instagram account with your phone number so don't forget to connect your email address with that account,because that's the most important thing.

Suppose in future if you lose your phone number so how you will backup your account and how you will reset your password it's not enough,think about if you forget your password so how you will reset it without email address and you also don't have your phone number. 
You can lose your insta account so that's why I don't forget to connect your email ID with your insta account because if you reset your password Instagram will send reset link to your email address also means you have now double security.

2. Add your phone number

If you make your account with your email address then you should add your phone number because if you don't have your phone number your account could be blocked or sometimes it couldn't be work properly without verify it with your phone number. Same as email you should add cell phone number also because as I know there are not too much people that uses Gmail.

They just have a gmail id to download applications from play store that's it if you are like them so you should add your phone number for the backup or reset your password.

3. Connect Instagram with Facebook

So guys that's the most important thing that you should definitely do with your Instagram account just connect your account with your Facebook this will protect your account to be hacked by others.
There is also some advantages of adding your Facebook with Instagram.
You and your friend can easily find each other on Instagram.
You could also backup your Instagram account or password with your Facebook. Means in future if you forget your password and you don't have your email or you don't have your phone number you can reset your password using Facebook.

4. Two factor authentication

So guys that is a security features which is provided by Instagram officially you can check this at your Instagram settings.

Now you will think what is two factor authentication and how it works so let me describe your little bit.
If you enable two factor authentication in your Instagram nobody can login your Instagram account even if they have your phone number OTP or even if they have your password also.

When you activate your two factor authentication it will give you some backup codes that you need always to log in your account at anywhere at anytime.

And if you have that code then you can login or if you don't have this Code you can't login even you have its OTP also.
so that's the most important security features that I like mostly and recommend you to do all these four steps to secure your Instagram account because the security is the most priority of our social media platform.