How to make money with WhatsApp Share Link & Make Money | Get Paid By Whatsapp.

Make Money On Whatsapp Just Share Link & Earn by Link Shortener Websites.... Earn From Whatsapp.

I have a question for you Do you want to earn from WhatsApp?
I think most of you will say yes or maybe each and every person who uses WhatsApp definitely wants to earn money from that.

Because we all use WhatsApp so you should also know about that.As i Know many Of you are Finding "whatsapp affiliate program,whatsapp moneyGroup,whats app earning method,how to make money on whatsapp group,how to make money with whatsapp account,how to earn money from whatsapp.

make money with WhatsApp

So today we are going to talk on "How to make money from WhatsApp online without doing anything easily".

I am going to tell you about link short program site which is the best way to make money through your WhatsApp if you want to know full about it without wasting a time let's get straight to the point.

There are some websites that short your link for example if you are sharing a link on your WhatsApp and it is like (looooooooooooong.url) very long URL that you hate but the website I am going to tell about manage your links and make them too short like (shirt.url).

Means this will make your longer link INR to US shortly that is more easy to share on your social media if you hate a large or long urls.
the most important thing about this websites they also pay you money for sharing that shortlink.

But now you will think why they will give us money for sharing that link so here is a simple thing to know, when you go to this type of website and give your long URLs to them they make it short and when you share that link to your WhatsApp and someone click on it they will not going to be straight to the website which link is it, before that it will show up page where you can see many advertisements and you have to skip this page then you will enter on the main website which link you shared.

Basically we are going to talk about link shortener websites that pays money to you for sharing link on your social medias like WhatsApp.
make money with WhatsApp
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That's how this website works. Companies space these websites to advertise their product and as a Commission these websites pay us a little bit.
It's now fix how much money you can make from it because it also depend on you,how much you shared a link on WhatsApp.Some earns 100 rs a day & Some earns 1000 rs a day.

These websites have there own different Pay Rates so you can check them also they pays total amount on 1000 clicks.
But it is a best way to make money online using what's App & You can earn up to 1000rs a day or more.

Now I think I told each & every thing about How you can make money from WhatsApp online without wasting your time & just by sharing links.
if you still have any doubt or if you think that I have missed an important part about that article so please let me know in comments.