5 Best free Unlimited vpn App for android | Review the Best Android VPN

Best free Unlimited vpn App for android 2018.Hotspot Shield,Touch VPN,Opera VPN.CM Security VPN,BetterNet LLC..... Best Free Vpn App For Android.

Setting up a VPN connection on Android is a bit complicated unless you use an app for it at here we're going to check out the top five best free VPN apps for Android these free VPN apps don't support p2p file-sharing such as torrenting.
So Without wasting a time let's get started,,,,

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service located in the United States operated by a company called anchor free Inc.
It has been around for quite a while on PC and now also has an app for Android mobile devices on the Google Play Store.
The free Hotspot shield VPN app comes with unlimited bandwidth no time restrictions and 17 different country locations connection.
Speeds for hotspot Shield were excellent as well in terms of privacy.it's pretty good the app does not ask for any additional access when installing it and you are not required to sign up for an account either.
It also has a feature to automatically start the VPN when your device connects to an unsecured wireless network which can be pretty useful.the app is ad supported as most of these free apps are but you can also upgrade to a premium version without ads overall I will give hotspot Shield 9 out of 10 points

Touch VPN

Touch VPN is another free VPN app which is actually also owned by anchor free.it was acquired back in 2015 along with just VPN so it is basically tied in first place with hotspot Shield so far.
Touch VPN also comes with unlimited bandwidth at zero time restrictions and over 20 different country locations connection.
speeds were excellent similar to hotspot Shield privacy wise.The touch VPN app also does not ask for any extra access when installing and also works without having to create an account additionally.
It has some more features for example you can choose to exclude some apps from using the VPN it's a great free VPN app I will give touch within 9 out of 10 points as well.

Opera VPN

Opera VPN app is managed by OSL networks in Ireland which in turn is owned by the Norwegian company Opera Software that develops the Opera web browser however the VPN service itself seems to be run by serf easy in Canada.
let's get into the app itself free VPN app comes with unlimited bandwidth no time restrictions and access the servers in five different locations connection.speeds were very good and it does not ask for any additional access when installing the app you also don't need to create an account to use it.
It also has some extra features for example you can force it to keep running even if your Android device closes opera VPN in the background and then also you can make it start automatically after you have restarted your device.
Opera VPN is quite a useful and good free VPN app I will give it 7.5 out of 10 points.

CM Security VPN

CM security VPN is a free VPN app created by a Chinese company called cheetah mobile.CM security VPN has no time or bandwidth restrictions and it has free servers in 8 different locations.

The connection speed download speed was okay but the upload speed was fairly poor but it didn't significantly improve.
when it comes to privacy the app does request a bunch of access such as device and app,history,identity,photo,media file access and Wi-Fi connection information in their privacy policy.
They collect this information and pretty much share it with everybody including their affiliates and third-party marketing partners that's of course how they make money from the app so fair enough this is fairly common in mobile apps though.so just be aware of it.
This app is not the greatest.when it comes to privacy CM security VPN is an average free VPN app I will give it 5 out of 10 points

BetterNet LLC

Finally we have Betternet which is our last free VPN app on this list operated by Betternet LLC Inc based in Canada in the Google Play Store.
The app comes with unlimited bandwidth and zero time restrictions but you can't select a specific location without upgrading to premium.
You can only select the optimal location where the app itself chooses which server to connect to.
The download speed was average but the upload speed was fairly poor privacy wise the app does not request any additional access when installing and no account creation is required to use it.betternet is also a fairly average free VPN app so I will give it five out of ten points.