Earn From Whatsapp Upto 1,000rs a Day Or More | Earn From Whatsapp Using Affiliate Marketing.

Earn From Whatsapp Upto 1,000rs a Day Or More | Earn From Whatsapp Using Affiliate Marketing...... Earn From WhatsApp Affiliate Marketing..

Hey guys do you want to Earn from WhatsApp?
I know probably most of you people say yes or think maybe not just most of people each and every people who uses WhatsApp wants to earn money by using it.

As i Know many Of you are Finding "whatsapp affiliate program,whatsapp moneyGroup,whats app earning method,how to make money on whatsapp group,how to make money with whatsapp account,how to earn money from whatsapp.

There are many types to earn money from WhatsApp if you don't know so don't worry because I am going to tell you about how to make money from WhatsApp without investing.

and I think this all will be real and genuine way that anybody can use their you don't need anything don't need to invest any money or you don't need to worry about it because it's gonna so simple.
So Without wasting any time let's get straight to the point.

Affiliate marketing
Today is my first. Is affiliate marketing that is the easiest way to earn money online and you can easily without doing anything and if you don't know about what is affiliate marketing how to join and how to earn from I also have a article on make money by affiliate program.
Let me describe in a short form affiliate program is a way where you share a link to your friend family members and anybody and if they bought that product through your link you will get commission of it referral that's it nothing else.
You can join affiliate program on Amazon Flipkart Bangkok air bus a day too many shopping website that provide safety program you just have to join this program and become the member of the affiliate association then you can share any link of any product on your WhatsApp at any group or to any person I will suggest you to share link to all of person on your WhatsApp.

How you will be get paid?

It's a so simple thing when you share that link on your WhatsApp and anybody means your family member friends classmates or anyone that contacted with you on your WhatsApp purchase that product by clicking that link or you can say throw your link then you will earn Commission of sharing that product that is affiliate marketing.
Your commission amount could be 5% To 12 of 15% I think it would be more than this.
would be more than this. You can earn upto thousands rupees in a day or unlimited as well as you work hard it's totally depend on you how you use this method to learn.

Let's take an example
Suppose you choose a smartphone which coast is approx 15 to 20000 rupees and you share it,s affiliate link on your WhatsApp and you have thousand contacts on your WhatsApp.
so I think maybe one or more person can buy that phone by your link should just think about if you get 10% of that product so how much do you earn.
I think 1500 or 2000.
That is too much you have done nothing and earn approx 2000 rupees that's amazing.

That's how you can earn too much money monthly base or if you work hard you can earn as you want so it's totally depend on you.

so I think I told each and everything about affiliate program what is it how it works and if you want to join read it article on above you will know how to join. 
I hope this article may be helpful for you if you think I not included an important think so please know me in comment.