How to Change IP Address in Android/Mac/Window

Want to Change IP Address in Pc/Android/Iso/Mac So here is The Simple Way..... Change IP Address.

Hey Guys Do You Want to Change Your IP Address Or want to Hide your Own Networks IP Address & Finding A Way To change Your Ip Address.

So Don't Worry Here is A Way that Can Help You to Change Your IP For Free & Trust Me It's A Fast & Easy Way.You Don't Have To Be Worry About.
Change IP Address in Android/Mac/Window

Firstly We Should know Why To Change Own IP Address?

Some Times Some Websites Doesn't Works in our our Country Or Region.Let's Take An Example I want to Open An E commerce Website of  America In India,When I Search This On Google,Then It will show Me "This site can’t be reached".
Change IP Address in Android/Mac/Window

Now You Will Think Why This Happens So Behind this A Very Critical System Works That Trace your Ip Address & Know About Your Location/Country/Region With That & Found That You Don't Belong to This Country.

That's Why They Don't Give you Permission To Visit That Site.
That's The Main Reason Behind To Change Ip Address, Because By Changing Our Ip Address We Can Easily access Any Foreigner Website Or A Website that Is Not allowed To serve in your Country Or State.

Now We Know Why We Need to Change Our Ip Address Or why People is using Different Ip Addresses.

But The Problem Is How To Change IP Address That's Pretty Simple Let Us Know..

How To Change IP Address?

Now You Should Know There Are Too Many Ways To Change Your Ip Address But Today I,m Going to Tell You About A Easiest Way Maybe This Is The Best Way To Change Your Ip Without Any Problem So Let's Move To The Point..

To Change your Ip Best Way Is Use Vpn It Means "Virtual Private Network".

A Vpn Is A Way To Change Your Ip Address & It Is also Free You Can Download VPN Apps That Is Also Available On Playstore For Mac/Android Also.

I,ll Suggest you to Use Hotspot Shield.
Hotspot Shield is a VPN service located in the United States operated by a company called anchor free Inc.
Change IP Address in Android/Mac/Window

It has been around for quite a while on PC and now also has an app for Android mobile devices on the Google Play Store.

The free Hotspot Shield comes with unlimited bandwidth no time restrictions and 17 different country locations connection.
Speeds for hotspot Shield were excellent as well in terms of privacy.
It's pretty good the app does not ask for any additional access when installing it and you are not required to sign up for an account either.

It also has a feature to automatically start the VPN when your device connects to an unsecured wireless network which can be pretty useful.the app is ad supported as most of these free apps are but you can also upgrade to a premium version without ads.

How These Vpn Apps Works?

Now you will think why use VPN & what it does.
A vpn gives you a different country's IP Address to access all websites that is now allow to serf in your country.

When you use vpn if you are using Hotspot shield then you will get some country name in it & You can choose one of them that you want to.

Suppose i choose USA then i,ll be get a USA's internet connection & will be eligible to serf a American Website in India.

It makes a Tunnel between your Internet connection to USA network connection & you can serf anything that is banned or not available in Indai.