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Best Earn Money App Make Money Online For Free By Play Quiz

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BRAIN BAAZI APP is a best Earn Money App,here you just have to play live quiz show and you can win Money uptown 100,k rupees per day.

How To Get Started?

First of all you have to download brain Bharti app from Play Store then you have to open it.
When you open it it will ask you for your phone number so without thinking anything just put your phone number on the section and click next or ok.
After pressing next it will send you (one time password) which is called OTP now you have to fill this at the app.
Earn Money App
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Best Earn Money App
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 Now you can see it will also ask for your username so select a username which should be a unique username that has never been used on this app.It will be also your Referral Code.

When you will be login in the app properly you can say there will be a timing on above will be running it's the time of quiz.

The quiz come time to time.The app will give you notification on your phone screen you can check and come to have to play this game.

How it works?

At the time of quiz when you open the app you will see there will be a person which will be live on the app and they will ask some questions they could be belongs to science,technology,food,general knowledge,Sports or etc.

Best Earn Money App Make Money Online For Free By Play Quiz
When they will ask a question you can see on your screen there will be three or four option you just have to touch your correct answer which you think when you do this the answer will be locked.

After 10 second they will show you a statics with the correct answer of the question and how much people give correct answer or how much people give wrong answer that all will show you on your screen.

If your answer was correct your answer will become green or if you give a wrong answer your answer will become Red and your game will be End when you give a wrong answer.


There is a more important thing it is called life when you refer to someone and if someone download the app and use your referral code you will get one life.
Earn Money App
You can use this life once again if you answer goes wrong it will save you and you will be back on the game and will be continue on next question.

The app pays 50k-100k rupees per day that distribute equally to each and every winner who gave all the 12 questions answer correctly.

The number you have entered to login it should be linked with your Paytm account if you win any amount of cash it will be automatically transferred to your Paytm wallet.