Be Safe With Data Stealing Apps by App Permission Setting | App Permission To Avoid

Be Safe With Data Stealing Apps by App Permission Setting | App Permission To Avoid...
Hey are you a smartphone User,If yes so you should definitely know about this.
I know your phone will have too many applications or maybe you downloaded them from playstore but do you know some of these Applications they can access your Personal Information like-Your Contacts,Your Location & Many other thing that you don't know about.

So today i'm gonna share with you some tips to secure your information/Data from some Dangerous Data stoling Apps.
So without wasting a time lets get straight to the point.
App Permission To Avoid

When ever you download any app from Google Playstore it will ask you for some permission or you can also check which type of Permission is that app need to run In your smartphone.

Like-I'm downloading a gps based app that can find Hotels near me,Then This application need my current location to find hotels near me.
But there is some applications on playstore that don't need some Permission but they ask for it.
For Example UC BROWSER this app is having too many controversy because some of companies claimed that this app stoles your personal data & sell them to private companies.
This is just a browser but it will ask you for too many Permissions even it dont need them like-Contact,location,Mic,Storage etc.

So now the point is how to you can secure your Device with these types of applications

The thing you have to do is pretty simple-
  • Just go to your Device setting
  • Find Application setting
  • Click on it & you will get options device apps & installed apps
  • Go with installed you will get all the apps you have downloaded.
  • Now click one of them & find 'Permissions' the app is using.
App Permission To Avoid
  • Now you will get permissions the app is still using in your smartphone.& you have to decide is the permission is really needed for this Apps.if you think no this Permission is not important for this app so just click permission & close that permission.
  • Maybe if you close permission then it will not work so don't worry install that application if you want to secure your Personal Data.
Setting>Apps>Installed apps>Permission

Maybe this Would be Helpful For you to Protect your Personal Data & Privacy In your Android with fake Apps...

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