How to Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel Step By Step | Earn Money With Youtube.

How to Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel | Earn Money With Youtube...
Create a Youtube Channel...

Hey, guys, do you use YouTube and want to make money with you so there is something for you because today I am going to share with you how you can create a YouTube channel properly and monetize it to make money easily.
"Before starting here is something that you need to know before earning on YouTube."
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel

It's not earning money with youtube just by creating a channel on youtube. You will get nothing just by creating a channel you have to work on it to start earning.
So if you are thinking you can start your earning for the First day so it can't be possible for you or for anyone.

So let see how to create a youtube channel step by step.

Firstly you need your Own GMAIL account that you can create free on
After creating Gmail id you have to log in it on your pc/Smartphone.
If you are using a smartphone then just go to your Youtube App, Maybe that will already installed in your device. The youtube App will automatically access your email id.

On youtube app, you can see your Gmail id on a corner that will help you to create a channel. Just click on this icon & you will get too many options like~My channel, Creator studio, etc.
Just click my channel & it will ask you to 'You Must Create A Channel To Upload Videos'simply click on create Channel.

Now you will have the option to Give a Name of your channel 'at the blank fill your channel name' For example Tech paradiseThe Tech Guy, Bhardwaj Zone, etc. & create a Channel.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel
Now your channel is ready to Upload videos & also able to monetize them.

But How to Upload Videos?

On your Youtube channel, you will get some symbolic Option just click camera option you will get an option to-
Live Streaming = Here you can go live on youtube & upload all things live without editing.
Upload From Gallery = If you choose this option then you can upload videos from your device. Means you can create a video & also edit it then upload it on youtube.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel

After selecting A video it will take some time to upload & Process the video.
Also, you have to give its Title, Description & Tags for your Videos

Tittle = Basically tittle Define your viewers to 'what the video is About'.
Description = At the Description you can describe your video & you can also give some information at the description section like-I want to share a link then I can give it at Description.
Tags = Tags are the most important part to get views on videos. It should be different types of keywords but related to your video. It will help you to rank & grow your video.

What About Earning?

Now lets about the earning from YouTube how you can make money by just uploading videos on your YouTube channel the full process let's know.

According to YouTube's new algorithm which is called YouTube partner program, you need to 4000 watch hours time on your videos to eligible for Applying to earn on YouTube.

Now how to enable monetization after completing 4000 watch hours timing, for that you have to open your YouTube channel on Chrome browser because you will not get options that are important to apply for monetization on YouTube app.

You can also choose desktop site version on Chrome in Android just tap on three dots and you will get option view desktop site that's it.
Now click on Your Channel Icon that you can see on the right-hand corner & then Select 'Creator Studio'.Here you can also see how many people seen your videos & How much likes & Dislikes your videos gotten.
When you click on Creator Studio you will get some more options on the left-hand side like~Live streaming, Comments, Channel, analytic etc.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel
Now click Channel option,Then you will get more interesting options & one of them is monetization just click enable to Apply For start Earning.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel
Now the main work/Process is started you will get more informations & options related to Youtube Partner Programme & Monetization.
You Have To Agree With All Youtube Partner Programme Terms.
Here you will get "sign up for Adsense"
Just click on it to monetize your channel.
Then You will get option to choose gmail id.

After that Here you need to Fill All Required information as it will ask for,Be careful & Fill all information correctly or if you filled wrong information you become in trouble for you payment.

Required Informations.

1.) Your Website
Here it need your channel url that it will access automatically if you are redirected from youtube.

2.) Get more out of Adsense.
This is Customized help or notification by Adsense.You can select yes or no its totally your choice.I'll suggest you to select yes.

3.) Select your Country or territory.
Select the country where you Belongs to.
Then Read all Adsense term & Conditions & select agree then Create Account.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel
Now your Account is created & You,ll be redirected to adsense,Here you will also get a option to get started just click on it & Fill some more important requirements Like~

¤ Account Type  (select individual.)
¤ Name
¤Phone Number

Fill All details Valid & correctly because if you fill them wrong you will not receive your payment that you earned from your channel then save all that settings.

After doing all process it will show you a POP up Redirect to your host.
Now wait for Approval of your account if everything is clear then your Monetization become enable after reviewing your channel report.

After creating Account on Adsense you will redirect to youtube.Now select next option of "Set monitise Preferences"
Basically it is just selection of ad formats so select all ads type & click nect/save.
Create & Monetize a Youtube Channel
Now your all things is done to Apply for Monetization just wait for Approval of your request.They will review your channel & if they find everything clear your videos become monetize & you can start earning from youtube.

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