Instagram New Nametag Feature | How to use Instagram Nametag

Instagram Nametag....

Basically instagram added a new feature for Instagram users that is NAMETAG.
So if you are an instagram user & want to know What is Instagram Nametag?,How to use Instagram Nametag Feature?
So without wasting a time lets get straight to the Point.
Instagram Nametag

So guys lets start with its use means what is advantages of using instagram Nametag.
Basically what happens when someone wants to follow you on instagram.The straight search your name on instagram & get too much account related to your name.It creates a big confusion for your Followers that which one is the Official Account that they want to follow.
At that confusion Many of your followers will drive to others Account & follow them.

This is a big disadvantage for you & for everyone who uses instagram.
That's why Instagram Introducing us a new feature that is Nametag.

What Nametag Does?

So lets talk about Nametag.What it really does & How it is Useful.Lets try to understand in a Simple language/Way.
Nametag is basically a QR code type feature that will convert your username into a QR Code.
Suppose i want to follow you & i need your account to follow so I will search on Instagram your account but now I don't have to search this on Instagram,I will ask you just for your QR Code.
You will send me your QR code I will scan that with QR code scanner features on Instagram and I will redirect to your official account and I can follow you without searching anything or without going to others profile.

That's pretty simple thing that QR code scanner will do for you. It doesn't matter where you from.which is your country.
Everyone from any country or from any area of the world can reach to your Account Just By Scanning Your QR Code.

How to Use Instagram Nametag?

Now let's move to our Instagram and see how we can use Instagram name tag.
First of all open your Instagram application and login with your account.
Now go to your Instagram profile and then click on the three lines as you can see on the right hand side corner above.
Now you will get some options and you can see option with NAMETAG.Maybe this is on second Option.
Instagram Nametag

Now Click Nametag & you,ll get An Interesting page where you can see Your Instagram User Name & Also some Funny Emojis also.
Here you can read "Friends Can Scan Your Nametag To Follow You".
Instagram Nametag

Here is more interesting thing for you'You can Customize your QR Code as you want.
You can customize its Emojis & Its colour.
Just tap on Emoji & Choose a Emoji For your QR Code.You can also Make your Own Face Emoji.
Instagram Nametag
To change background just tap on screen.
After customization just tap to save option & Then you can easily share your Instagram Nametag with you friends & also on your Social Media.

To scan others Nametag at bottom you will get option to Scan Nametag just click on it & scan code.
Instagram Nametag

After scanning a Nametag you will redirect to that persons Profile,where you can follow,Like & Comments on his profile.

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  1. Nice new feature. What about printing this code on you t-shirt, glue the stickers everywhere and the replace already existing ones on the street/offices/documents with yours. You will diffidently get enough attention =D Awaiting for the new features, Mark. By the way, some spam filter will be great. It's not really a big deal because I'm using this stuff It cleans all the odd content and Ghost followers away. But an inbuilt one will be more comfortable.


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