World's easiest way to make money online !

This is going to be very helpful website for all who want to earn money online...
Earn Money Online.

Today I'm going to tell you World's easiest way to make money online' through which you will be able to earn very good income sitting at home and you will not have to do anything Even if you are a Beginner or a Student.  This is a way of copying and pasting which I am going to tell you today.
World's easiest way to make money online !
All you have to do is copy the link and then share it with your friends and on your social media platforms so that you can earn Money with it.
Today I'm going to tell you about a website where you can shorten any link and share it on your social media and whenever someone clicks on them, you can earn a lot of money from them.

You may have heard about a lot of links to the Patna website, but the name of the website that I am about to mention today has come twice in the Limca Book of World Records as the highest paying website.

For example If you have a Link Like- it'll convert it in- 'tlon.g'.
It is best URL shortener website & people already earned upto-1,500 $ in a Month.
It's name is Ambani Url.

How to Join ?

It is very easy to join this website, you have to follow some steps as I described Below-

1). Just go to Ambani Url Websie.

2). Sigh-up with your email address' where it'll ask you for some Information Like-
  • Username - It should be Unique  username that is never used before on this website 'Means a name for your account that is different from other users.
  • Email address - Fill your email address to receive all your account related Information on your email & maybe it'll also send you a verification link to verify your account.
  • Password - Create a password for your account on this website, (No need of your your mail's Password). 
  • Retype Password - Fill the same password you added in password section ''sure both password should be same or you won't be able to create account.
Now your account is ready you can Past & short Video,Movies,song or any other link with this website. Now the only thing you have to do it just share this link as much as you can do & 'whenever someone click on it you'll get paid.
when you share this on your social media make sure to give a very attractive title that will attract people to click on this link.


This website pay for per thousand click. If you are from India and you get thousands of clicks in India then you get income of up to $ 7 for per thousand clicks of your short Link But if you have clicks from western country on your link, then you can earn up to $ 30, this is because Outside countries advertisement CPC ratio is higher than India.

In this website you also get a program of Referrals where you can ask your friends to join this website through your Link and if your friend joins it, then whatever earnings it takes, you will get 20 percent of it for the Life Time.


you can receive your payment in paytm phone pay Bank account or by UPI also.
This website sends you your payment on every Saturday i.e. calculating all the earnings you have made in the entire week will send them to your bank or to your wallet on Saturday of the week.

Before receiving the payment, you will have to go to the settings of your account where you will get an option. Your profile will go there and fill all the information in your profile so that whatever payment you have received will be sent through your filled information.
easiest way to make money online
For Bank transfer you need to complete at least 5$ in your account's total earning or you won't be able to withdraw it in your bank.

This website have a interesting things that makes it different from other link shorten-er websites.This website gives a reward of $ 100 to the highest earner within 1 week. This means that the person who earns the most money within a week gets the maximum amount of $ 100 as a bonus through this website.

Why Gives you Money.

Now people will think that why a website will pay you free, I tell you that whenever you make your link shot from this website then it gives you a other link & whenever you share this link on your social media & someone clicks on it, then they'll not be redirected to the official Link before that they'll go to this website & some ads will be shown to them.

That's how this website earns & also gives you a short Conversation of their earning.

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