11 Ways to Earn Money With Swagbucks | Swagbucks Review

Earn Money Doing Multiple Things.

Swagbucks is the best website where you can earn lots of money at home completing surveys, Referring to others, watching videos, and too many other ways to earn with Swagbucks. Today I,m also Going to do Swagbucks Review & will tell you -

  • What Is Swagbucks?
  • How to Join/ Create an account on Swagbucks.
  • Ways to Earn on Swagbucks.
  • Minimum Redemption.
  • How to Redeem. 
  • How Much Time it takes To Send Money.

What is swagbucks.com

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty-program operator operated by Prodege LLC.this is an American website and this website is for all who wants to make money at home from anywhere with their smartphone or PC. According to Wikipedia, this website's Revenue is about 54 million dollar in 2013.

This website claim that they have already paid over 150 million dollars with their customers, who use this website and work on it. Basically, you have to complete some task on this website to earn points.
This website pays you Swagbucks Point which is 'SB' unusually it is equal to 1 Us cents.
By completing the task you can earn gift cards of Flipkart, PayPal, Facebook, Amazon, Google Play Store etc.and if you work very well on this website you can make up to 500 to $600 per month just by using this website at home in your free time.

I have already seen too many people to using this website and making a very well income from home and they also don't have to do too much like other websites this website is very real ,legal and it really pays you for your work. So you don't have to worry about your avenue you will get what you have earned.
Now I think you will not have any doubt about "Is swagbucks.com website real or fake?" "Does Swagbucks Pay or Not".

How to sign up swagbucks.com

Just click on this website link and you will redirect on this website after that you will get some interface where you will also get option to sign up with your email address and if you want you can also sign up it with your Facebook.
Earn With Swagbucks
just click on Facebook and then you will get option to login your Facebook account and it automatically read all about you. Like - Your Age, Name etc.
if you want to login with your email address then click on join today and then fill your email address and you have to also create your password for this website. Make sure to choose the different password that nobody knows then you.

after login with your email address it will send you a confirmation mail on your registered email address that you recently used to create your account. just find that email and click on the verification link to confirm your email address once you do that your account will be successfully created.

[NOTE :- Use the Same Email address' that you have for your PayPal Account to receive your all Paypal Earnings.]

Once when you log into this website it will show you some service where they will ask was your information like  your name address, age, country etc.Remember you have to fill all this information correctly,if you don't provide them all about your information they are not going to pay you.

How to earn with swagbucks.

Swagbucks have several ways to make money easily such as-
1). Search & Earn.

Maybe you won't believe but yes its truth you can earn just by searching on swagbucks.com. swagbucks gives you a different way to collect points they have their own search extension and whenever you use it to search anything on Google you get paid some points for this.

So just go & search as much as you can do & get points in returns.

2). Watch & Earn.

The best option to collect points on swagbucks is watch videos and get points. Yes you can earn points just by watching videos on swagbucks. You will get too many videos on this website and whenever you watch a video you will get 1-SB Point.

basically these all are advertisement videos and whenever you show this advertisement videos this website pay you Points In Return. You can find out all your videos on home screen If you are using PC and if you are using the Application then you will get a option of video just click on that and start watching videos.

3). Add Extension.

If you are a PC or macbook user then you can earn free 50 swagbuck Points.(Only for PC Users). This website have their own chrome and Firefox extension and you just have to add that extension to your web browser in PC when you do this you will get 50 SB Points in your Wallet.

Earn With Swagbucks
This swagbuck extension can help you to get alerts for new and upcoming surveys on swagbucks and also can help you to get cashback whenever you shop through this swagbucks extension.
Just click on at the 'SwagButton' and then add this extension to your chrome or Firefox that's it. Once you add this extension you will credit 50 SB Points in your account.

4). Swagstake Lucky Draw.

This website have their lucky draw feature also where you can participate just buy spend your some points as a entry fee. For this just click on 'Swagstake' & then it will ask you to buy Entries for Lucky Draw.

Earn With Swagbucks
Here you will find a variety of lucky draws where entry fees will be different for each & winning amount Also.The Lucky Draw's entry fee will be much higher as the winning amount.
Just click ''Entry for Only 1 SB' and then you have to select number of entries that you want to buy in lucky draw. You have to pay for each and every entry and it will also ask for your phone number just for verification purpose.

If you win this lucky draw, you can get upto 2500 dollars without doing anything so this is the best way and if you want you can also join this to make much with this website.

5). Download the Swagbucks App.

you can also download the application which is available on playstore and by using their application you can get daily points in it. they don't describe how much. Points you'll will get to download their application but if you don't have PC or anything like that then you can use their application to work on this website. So don't forget to check the application and maybe this will help you to make money with your smartphone.

6). Swagbucks Code.

A way to get free swagbucks points you don't have to do anything the only thing you need is swag codes. To get swag codes you just have to follow them on all Social Media Platform like-Facebook, Twitter Etc. 

Earn With Swagbucks
What is Swagbucks Code?
They Share some Special Codes on social media you just have to put them here on 'Swag Codes' & Just click Redeem. Whenever you redeem a code you will get points in return. How many points will you get in return for a code, this is decided by the website itself.

7). Complete Surveys.

Most famous and popular way to collect Points in this website is 'completing surveys'. The only thing that can give you highest earning in this website. You will get option to complete surveys and also get points which is different according to survey length.

you will get too many surveys on this website and whenever you complete them you will learn some point in reward of them.
Earn With Swagbucks
in this Surveys ,You are Asked Small Questions which is Very Small & Easy, Keep in Mind your Answer Should be Correct, I mean You have to fill all the information Correctly even they are not going to Pay you,if they found your Answers Incorrect or Misleading. Here you can get 5 minutes - 1 hours Long Surveys to Complete.

As you can see in Above Image, All the information Related to Surveys Is Given There like- How Much Long This Survey Is going to take to Completed, How Much Points you'll get for completing this Survey & How many times you have remaining to Participate in This Survey.
One more important thing I want to tell you about Surveys is you will get Golden Surveys, which is going to pay you more than simple survey.

This survey comes time to time they don't have a particular time or I can't tell about when they are going to come but if you complete this survey you going to get much better points Then other simple Surveys.Keep in mind whenever you have a golden survey, there is some time limit and you have to complete that survey in between that time limit if you don't you are going to lose that extra  That you can earn by completing that survey.

It may take time to reward you for completing survey because once you complete that Surveys they will take some time to review them and if they found everything ok they will give your points in your account.

9). Daily polls.

I think that is the greatest thing about this website they gives you daily polls. No let me tell you about the polls, basically you just have to open this website daily I mean you have to check them out regularly and you will get a daily polls. 
Earn With Swagbucks

Where you asked regularly a question with having four options you just have to select one of them doesn't matter which one you have selected and once you do that you will get one point for free just by attempting that question.
So if you want to earn more and more points repeat all these activities regularly and maybe you are going to get a very well payout from this website.

10). Daily Goal.

Daily goals this is just a simple method you will get 3 extra points Regularly only if you earn 30 points Daily. I mean to say' if I Earn 30 points Today then this website will give me 3 extra points and it will become 33 points That's it.

11). Refer and Earn.

Like all other websites and application, they also have referred and earn program. Means if you invite your friends to join this website through your link then you can get up to 300 points Each just by referring others.
Earn With Swagbucks

They have some term and condition about this program so if you want you can read them Also.
They say you can earn up to 300 SB Points only if you follow all their conditions where they also mentioned that your referral should be Earn 300 Points In the first Month, If he completes that then you'll be able to get 300 Referral Points in your Account can you can also earn Commission Up to 10% of your referrals.

Means, if your friend joins this website through your link and earned 300 points within the first month, then you will get a reword of 300 points, and you can get 10% of its  earning as commission for Lifetime.
That is, whatever your friend will collect points, ten percent will be directly added to your account and you can get this point without any effort.

One more extra think they added in referral program is bonus points. To get this 100 extra bonus points your referral have to add swag button extension in theirs PC. Once they complete that you will get your hundred swagbuck points within 14 days.


You will get a discover Section at here where you will find some offers, games surveys and too many other things which is given by partner websites of swagbucks. You can also complete them and can get points. I don't know how much points you can get because each and every offer have a different quality and points so you can check them out and complete to earn points.

How To Redeem.

Now all of you are thinking about how to convert Points into money after collecting so much Points. So here I am going to tell you how you can redeem your collected Points. To redeem that points You need minimum 5 to 7 hundred points even you can't exchange them for money.

To redeem that Points You have to go to Redeem Section, which you can find on your profile. You can exchange your points For "Steam Wallet Code, Paypal Money, Flipkart Gift voucher,Facebook Game Card and for Xbox Gold Membership.You can exchange your points for any of these.
Earn With Swagbucks
for now I am going to show you how you can I change your mind to get Paypal cash in your PayPal account step by step.but before that there is something that you need to know about that your swagbucks account should be created with the same email address which is associated with PayPal account and your name should be also same on both.

Swagbucks says "the money will be sent directly to the PayPal Account that is associated with the same email as your swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your PayPal account information and your PayPal Account needs to be verified".

Once when you go to the gift card Section click on PayPal card which is affordable in your Points. After that click redeem and it will show you a verification message on your screen where it will ask you for your first and last name.
Earn With Swagbucks
Fill all these details correctly even you are not going to get the payments in your PayPal account. So make sure to create your account with the same email address and also your name should be same on both.
Once you complete that you will receive your payment within 7-21 business days in your PayPal account.
As like that you can also redeem your points for Facebook game cards or for Flipkart gift vouchers.


By using this website you can make a very well income from home without paying anything just for through your home using internet and you can earn a lot. If you are a student then I will suggest you to use this website because this is 100% genuine and too many peoples are working on this website since a long time. This is not a fake website and this will pay you definitely if you work wisely on it.

To generate extra income through this website just create a big chain by referring others. If you invite more and more people you can earn more and more money in less work. I mean don't just focus to complete task invite your friends and earn extra.

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