Find Hidden Application Without Root.

Ways to find hidden apps in Android.

Today we are going to talk about - How to Find Hidden apps in Android without downloading any other application & Without Root Your Device.

Maybe you have ever noticed that your friend or your relative wants to hide an application from you in their Android phone Or you think that your Friend has hidden an application on the phone. So, How can you find these hidden apps without downloading any application?
So I am going to tell you all about to find hidden application in Android phones if you are curious and want to know about it so let's get started.
Here step by step guide to finding hidden applications in any smartphone that thing you have to do it just follow these steps.

Through Play-Store.

1). Simply just go to Google Play Store and find the menu bar. ( Or just click on the three Lines.

2). Now you will get too many options and you can also check your email address & Name at here. You can also see too many options like- My apps and Games, Notification subscription etc.
3). Now just click on My Apps and Games, as you can see in the image.

find hidden apps in Android.
After that, you will get other options like-update, installed, library.
Now to find an application you just have to go installed.
find hidden apps in Android.
# In the update section, you will get the notification about all applications which is already installed and needed to be updated.

In the installed section you will get the applications which are downloaded from Play Store and still in this phone.

The last, 'library' you will get everything about Play Store and application which is downloaded throw that email, doesn't matter the app is still installed in your smartphone or not.

Now here on the installed section you will get all the applications which are currently installed in this device, Now you can find the app that you think is hidden click on it and just you will get an option to open or run it.
find hidden apps in Android.
That's a simple thing that you can do to find a hidden application in any Android phone of your friends relative or in any smartphone without downloading any application.

Through Phone Settings.

Now the second thing you can do to find any hidden application in someone's phone just by going to their phone setting. Now all of you are thinking about how any application can be found by going to the setting of the phone, is it really possible?

Yes it's really possible and the thing I am going to tell you is really basic and maybe you all know about this already and if you don't you just follow the steps I am going to tell you.

Whether you use the phone of any company, a setting is provided in all the phones which we call App Management.
find hidden apps in Android.
You get this setting inside your phone from where you can get information about all the applications installed on your phone. ie which application is installed, permissions they are using and how much data they are consuming in your device.

Let's get to the point and let's find the hidden application :

1). Simply just go to your Android device setting/ Setting.

2). You will get too many options just scroll down a little bit and find out application management or maybe it will be APP section.
3). Click on it and You will see all the applications that were already Installed in this phone or it's called System Application.

4). Click to show more applications and you will get all applications which is currently download it in this device and working on it.
find hidden apps in Android.
You will also get all the information about that application like data usage permissions and etcetera.


I think there are still some more ways to find hidden applications in any Android device but I don't know about them so if you think that there is still some way I have missed in my blog so please tell me in comments and I will mention them as soon as possible in my blog.

So if you have any idea or if you know about it make sure to tell us in the comment section or you can directly mail us in our contact section. If you will share your information with us Maybe that can help other people to find out the solution.

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