How to Unlink/Remove Facebook account from Pubg Mobile

Unlink PUBG / Garena Free Fire From Facebook.

People are finding 'how to unlink/ Remove their Facebook account with PUBG Mobile game and also how to unlink/ Delete an application from their Facebook account which is still accessing their personal details. If you are also Finding "how to delete pubg mobile account from facebook, delete apps on facebook mobile, remove games from Facebook, delete PUBG account facebook, delete Garena account from Facebook". Before knowing all these things we should also know How our Facebook account get linked with applications.
Unlink pubg game

Whenever you try to download and access an application from the website they ask you to sign up with your Facebook or Gmail account once you do that the application automatically Access for your personal application whatever they required to like- what's your name, Age, Country, language, Gender etc.

If you linking your account with a reputed or legal application then you can know which type of data that application is going to take from your Facebook or Gmail account & to know about it Just Visit their Privacy Policy Page. As like that when you Download PUBG Mobile game it'll also ask you to Login with Facebook & when you log in it with your Facebook account it'll also access your Name, Age, Gender, Country etc.

The most amazing thing probably you don't know about, that is, this type of application & websites sells your Private data to Advertisement agencies & you can also check this on their Privacy Policy & Term Condition page. You'll get all about your personal data, which type of data they are collecting & with whom they are sharing & for what.

Because today we have too many Active PUBG Mobile users & some of them have already added their Facebook Account with it & now they don't want to be connected with PUBG or you just wanted to Remove your account personal Facebook Data From this game so, Here is some settings that you can use for the same.

First of all, you have to log in to the Facebook account you can use browser application both whatever you want. After login new account you have to go on settings which you can find easily on the top right corner just click and then you will get too many options you just have to scroll down a little bit and you will get the option to settings.

Now click on the setting option and here you can see payment security and other setting options you just have to find out apps and websites which you will get in the security section.
After Finding This Just click on Apps & Websites to remove your PUBG/ Free Fire or any other Apps which is currently linked to your Facebook Account & still Accessing your Personal Data. Now you'll Get some more Options Like-
#Logged in with Facebook = These settings control the information you are sharing with other companies through apps & websites that you've Logged in using Facebook.

#Apps Websites & Games = This settings control your ability to interact with apps, websites & games that can request information about you on facebook.

#Games & App Notification = This setting controls game request from friends & game status update& app Notification. Basically, you can manage app notifications using this setting.
To remove game From Account You have to go on "Logged in with Facebook". Here you'll also get Some Other options Like-
#Activate = At activate section you'll get all apps & Games which is still in use & accessing your Data, I Mean all apps which are currently in use. You can also See List of that type of apps at here.

#Expired = At expired section, you'll find all apps & websites that you have logged in many times Before & these all are not in use, Means these all apps are not in use & not accessing your data, you can again use these apps just by login again with Facebook.

#Removed = Here you'll get all apps & websites you, ve removed from your account. this means that they may still have the information you've previously shared but can't make additional requests for private info.

Now to remove your Apps & Games just click on Activate then find the app you want to Unlink with facebook. You still have two options 'You can remove App from Facebook' or 'You can remove a few information'.
To remove information click 'View' & after that, you can see the information you are sharing with this app, For example- Your friend list, Email, etc. If you don't want to share this information with them so just off this settings & Save.

Now to remove information App just select it & you'll get the option to remove, So just click remove & confirm Notification which is a popup on your screen.
The notification will show you "If you remove App, It may delete your account & activity, But the information you have previously shared is still to them but, They won't be able to access your additional request for Private Information.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ's}

How do I unlink a game from Facebook?
Login Facebook>Settings>Security>Apps & websites>Logged in with Facebook>select game>Remove

How do I delete PUBG data from Facebook?
Once you link Pub to your Facebook, they automatically load all your Required data and save it on their server. So you can't delete data from your Facebook account.

Can I delete my PUBG mobile account?
Yes, just go to pubg support form and find out 'how to delete my account'. you will get step by step process to delete your pubg account.


Once you get Linked Your Facebook account with Any Application Or with the game then they automatically Access your Private Information Like- Your Name, Age, Gender, Country ETC & you can't remove all your private Information once you shared these with them.
The setting I've told you above how to remove pubg account from facebook only can restrict these type of application to Request Your More Private Information & the information you've previously shared is still to them & if you want to remove your all information then, You've to Contact them Personally to remove your all data from their Server. I hope now you know 'how to unlink pubg mobile account from facebook Permanently' or how to delete pubg mobile account from facebook.

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