Install desktop chrome extension in Android smartphone.

Desktop Extension in Smartphone.
I was a Computer user but when I start using Smartphone & I was very upset because I can't install all Chrome Extensions which I was using in my Desktop but, know It is possible to install chrome desktop Extensions in Android Smartphones. So if you are curious to know & also finding a way to install chrome Extension in Phones then here is something for you.

Steps to Follow - 

1. Download Kiwi Browser
3. Find an Extension
4. Add Extension

1). Firstly you have to download Kiwi Browser from Play Store, This application is exactly similar to Google Chrome browser but there are some unique Settings, One of them is to Add Desktop Chrome Extensions in Android Smartphone.
So if you are a Google Chrome Browser user then you will not realize that you are using another browser & also if you think that you can add Extension in chrome browser so it is not possible, You have to download this browser.

2). Now simply browse for web store on Google & find out the Chrome extension you want to add to your phone's Browser.
Once you find your Extension click 'Add To Chrome' button as you do in your PC, it is exact similar. Once you click Add button then the Extension will ask you for permission to Download so just click 'OK' & the extension will start downloading in your internal storage.
The extension will automatically be added to your browser after finishing download & you can use them in your phone. Now you don't need to worry about your PC's extension because now you can use them directly from Phone.

"If you want to remove or uninstall an extension from kiwi browser then just follow the steps-

To remove an installed Extension from Kiwi Browser click on the menu option -
Now you can see some options there which are also similar as Chrome Browser but here is an extra option of Extension just Click on it.
Now you'll get all the extensions which are currently downloaded or Installed in your kiwi browser. You can view its detail, On or off the extension when not in use & also can remove from browser.
So just click on Remove to uninstall the Extension After that, it'll show you a pop-up notification, so just click 'ok' to proceed.
Now your Extension is totally removed or Uninstalled from the Browser If you wish to reinstall it then just follow the same steps again.


I think this application is best to Install desktop chrome extension in Android smartphone. I know There are more application which works similar & if you want you can also try another Application as well. If you have any doubt so feel free to contact us & if you have any suggestion so please let me know in comments.

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