Change Google Assistant language

Change Google Assistant Language In Android.

Hey, are you Google assistant user like me I want to use it in your own regional language but don't know how to change Google Assistant language here is something for you that can help you to change your Google Assistant language in your device.
Change Google Assistant language

When I got my first smartphone it was a really amazing feeling for me to use Google assistant because it was my first time. 

The assistant works only in English but I want to use Google assistant in my Regional language which is more comfortable for me to search & ask anything to Assistant, so I just search about it and found that actually, we can change its Default language.

I just followed the instructions & change the default language. Now I am using Google Assistant in my own Hindi regional language. If you also want to change the Assistant language so here is a step-by-step guide that can help you to do this.

Change Google Assistant language Using Google App.

Go to Google app & open it. Now you can see the menu/ More option just click on it.
Change Google Assistant language
Click More

When you click more you'll get some options & settings related to your Email Profile, Activity, Search, Data & also an option of setting.
Now just click settings to find more options. Here you'll find options to customize your Personal setting like -

  • General Setting
  • Notification
  • Google Assistant
  • Voice
  • Language & Region
  • About.
Because we want to change our Language So we have to go to the Language & Region option. Here you'll find your current region & the Language you're using in your assistant.
Change Google Assistant language

So here you can manage both, your Country & the current Language. Just click on Language & scroll down to find out the language you want to use in your Google assistant App.

After finding out Language just tap on it to select. When you select the language you'll see a Notification " Your Language For Voice commands has also been Changed ".Same as you can change the country also.

Change Google Assistant Language.

You can also change the Google Assistant App's language using the assistant. Yes, you don't need to go on Google app to change assistant's language but how to do that!

As we know we can activate assistant with our Voice command or by press & holding Smartphone home key. Means just activate Google assistant as you want & then Click the explore Button.
Change Google Assistant language
Tap Explore Icon

After clicking this explore icon you'll be redirected to the Explore section.
Here you'll find your Email Image Icon above on the right side, just tap on it.
Change Google Assistant language

Here we have some Account information, Settings, Your Activity, help, etc. Now go to settings as you can see up in the image.
Finally, you are on your Google account manage page & can customize all your account settings as you want.
For now, just click on the Assistant & you'll get all customization setting for Google Assistant like -

  • Language
  • Assistant voice
  • Continued conversation
  • Voice Match
  • Home Control, etc
Change Google Assistant language
because we want to change the Google Assistant language so tap on 'Language'. Once you tap on Language you'll get the option to " Choose Languages for Speaking to your Assistant ".
Basically here you have two options for language ¹ Change the Default Language, ² Add additional or More Languages to speak Assistant.
Change Google Assistant language

So if you want to change the language just tap on the first option where the languages are already added or to add additional language tap 'Add a Language ' select language that's it.

Now finally your Google assistant is ready to use in your local regional language and this is going to help you a lot to search for anything you want and anything you want to ask Google assistant.


Google assistant is a perfect example of technology and artificial intelligence. There are too many languages & you can use all of them. Google only included regional languages in assistant there are not local languages, means the different languages of states or District.

By selecting own regional language you will be able to use Google Assistant better than before. If you still have any doubt tell us in comments or if you have any suggestion let me know in comments.

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