Change Google Assistant Voice

Change Google Assistant Voice

Google assistant has multiple Voices to Answer your command & today we are going to Change Google Assistant Voice If you are bored with the Default Voice of the assistant.
Change Google Assistant Voice
Select a Voice You Like.

Even you can change Assistant Voice 'Male to Female' & 'Female to Male' but there are only a few Voices options so if you are thinking that you can choose your favorite artist's Voice as a Google assistant voice then this can't possible now, Maybe in future Google will give us this Feature also but we don't know anything about it.

To change Google Assistant Voice open assistant & go to-
Explore > Setting > Assistant > Assistant Voice.

Ok let me explain, Firstly you have to Open Google assistant, you can do that with your voice command by Saying 'Ok Google ' & the assistant become activated or just press & Hold Homepage button to activate Assistant.

Now click explore Button & then click your Email pic Icon to find settings.
Change Google Assistant Voice
Explore & Setting

Now we are on the main customization setting of our email activities. Now go to Assistant menu & you'll get options like-

  • Language
  • Assistant Voice
  • Continued conversation
  • Voice Match
  • Home Control, etc.
Change Google Assistant Voice
Just go to assistant voice & you can actually see " Choose the Voice Your Assistant will use to Response you "
So basically here you'll find colors Format for Different Voices to use as Google Assistant Voice. The format of voice is like-

  • RED ( Female )
  • Orange ( Male )
  • Amber ( Female )
  • Green ( Male )
  • Cyan ( Female )
  • Blue ( Male )
  • Purple ( Female )
  • Pink ( Male )
  • British Racing Green ( Female )
  • Sydney Herbour Blue ( Female )
As you can see in this Image there is color Voice format which describes different Voices. You can hear all of them just by choosing Colors & when you do that you'll hear a Demo of voice " Here the Voices you can pick for your Google Assistant, If you like this voice & want me to Keep Using it, Just stop here".
That's how you can Select or change your Google Assistant App Voice.

If you are using google app then you have to Open the app & click More to find options, then Go to Settings & then tap on Google Assistant, you'll be on the same page to change Voice setting.

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