How to go live on Tik Tok 2019 Android

Some of my friends or Tik Tok users asked me hey "how to go live on Tik Tok on Android 2019". So if any of you are a Tik Tok user & want to know 'how to do a Video Streaming on tiktok' then here is some steps which you can follow -

go live on Tik Tok
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But Before Moving further let me Introduce About Tik Tok Application.

Many applications like YouTube, Facebook Whatsapp Twitter Instagram Snapchat are already on the Internet On which you can upload your video and share it with people but But Tik Tok has become more popular than all the social media platforms in the list of video-sharing platforms Because there are so many Features inside the Tik Tok application that help any user make their videos interesting and creative, such as adding sound editing new filters and many more.

That's Why Tik Tok like other social media platforms have also become a huge video sharing platform. It has more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store and more than 11 million people have reviewed this application.  

Tik Tok has also made some changes and updates (Tik Tok update 2019) in their Application, one of them Live Streaming Video. Let's see.

How to Do a Tik Tok Live Video.

  1. Launch the Tik Tok application in your smartphone.
  2. Log in or create an account on Tik Tok.
  3. Tap To add Video Option. As you can see on your Tik Tok home screen. 
  4. You get Three More Options Under the start Video Recording Button - Videos, Photo Templates & Live.
    How to go Live On Tik Tok
  5. Choose Live Video Option For Making a Live Stream.
  6. Add/ Give a Tittle To your Tik Tok Live Stram. You can both Emoji & Text in your live stream Tittle.
    How to go Live On Tik Tok
  7. When you have completed your live video with fans just stop this & the live videos will be stopped automatically.

Perfectly go live on Tik Tok App.

Before you go live, for Tik Tok live chat choose some good background around you where you get proper light so there is no problem while Doing Live Video.  Always find a Better place for internet connecting even your stream will be disconnected automatically.

You can use TikTok live feature make your audience engaged with you and you can also get some audience retention. Not only that you can also gain Tak Tok Fans For free using the live Video Update.If you are trying to go live in Indoor so you can use Tik Tok ring light and audio device for clear Lighting & Audio Quality.

Frequently asked questions { FAQ's }

How to go live on Tik Tok without 1000 fans?

Tik Tok doesn't give live video feature to new accounts who don't comply with their guidelines. Therefore, there is a minimum limit on the Tik Tok that you will have at least 1,000 fans/ Followers, then you will be given the option of live video. If you don't have 1000 fans/ Followers then you can't go live on Tik Tok.

Why can't I go live on Tik Tok 2019?

You can't Go live Live On Tik Tok if your Account Doesn't Comply with their Comunity guidelines or You don't have them Minimum Required Followers Number on your Account. If your account is complying all the requirements then to fix/ Solve Tik Tok live not working just Follow the steps -
  1. Launch The Tik Tok Application In your Device.
  2. Login with your Account ( Which Having Problem)
  3. Go to Profile Section.
  4. Then Click The Navigation Bar or Go to Settings.
  5. Scroll Down to Find Support Section.
  6. Go to Report a Problem For your Account.
  7. Then Find a Section 'I have an Issue with Live' & tap to go.
  8. Now tap on 'I am a Live Host'.
  9. Then tap 'I can not go live' & Press Submit
  10. Now here we have to Describe 'Tik Tok App live error Problem' briefly.
  11. After describing your Tik Tok live Problem Send it.

Tik Tok live temporarily suspended?

As I said Tik Tok Only ban the account who doesn't follow their community guidelines. Even If you Ignore the Community Guidelines they can permanently Suspend your Tik Tok account but if there is no problem with your content then you can Pitch them to solve the problem as soon. 

Just go to settings & Report a Problem about your Live Streaming Temporarily suspended. 


I tried to explain all the things in a simple way to 'go live on TikTok App' not only in Android Smartphones even you can go live on Tik Tok 2019 iPhone, Ipad or other devices which supports Tik Tok Application.

But If you still have any Problem or want me to Suggest anything Feel free to know me in comments & also If these works let people know about it by sharing with your friends.

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