How to Set Image in Contact in Android Smartphone

Set a contact image or remove a contact image from your contact list in android.

Here we'll see how We can Add or Change Contact/ Caller Photo in our Device. We add many phone numbers with the same name in the contact list of our smartphones And many times when we have to call our friend, then we become confused about which is the friend's Contact number and Which is our relative's phone number. In the same Confusion, we sometimes call another person of the same name.
Set contact image Android
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But wait Do you Know, You can Add Contact/ Caller Images For Your Each & Every Contact List In your Android SmartphoneNot only that, you can put a photo of their own Whichever number is saved in your contact so that you will never be confused with any number. You will be able to call the person you want to talk to. This feature was Not available in Old Keypad Feature Phones but now We have.

Let's see how to Add Image In Contact List For Every Android Smartphone, Doesn't matter You are Using - Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, Redmi, Realme, Honor, Asus or Anything Else, but Your Phone Should be Android Smartphone.

Set Image In Contact.

You have two options, if you are adding someone's new contact, then you can add a photo to it.
If you Already have saved someone's number then you can edit it and add the image to it.

Save New Contact With Image.

Firstly You Need to add A contact In Contact list. To add a New Number in Contact With Image -
  1. Type the Phone Number In Dial Pad.
  2. Click Create New Contact To add Number As a Different Person.
    Set contact image
  3. Now you can See Option To Add Name, Last Name, Work Place & an option to add Image. Add all the Necessary information related to your Contacts.
  4. Click On the Add Image Icon to Add Image.
    Set contact image
  5. When you Tap on that icon, It'll ask you to 'Take A Photo' Or 'Select a Photo'. If you don't have any of your Friend or Relative's Picture then you can Click his Picture by clicking on 'Take A Photo'. But if you already have a Picture Of your Friend or Relative's in your Device then you can add that image as a Contact Picture By clicking on ' Select A Photo'
  6. After selecting the image, you can edit or crop it to put it in your contact image.
  7. After Adding a Photo As A Contact Picture Save Contact in your Device.

Add Image in Already Saved Contact

Follow these steps To add an image in already saved contact -
  1. Go to contacts List & Find out The Contact you want to set A Image As Contact Photo.
  2. Select Contact & Tap Edit Contact.
    Set contact image
  3. Tap on Add Image Icon To set a Contact Image/ Photo.
  4. Same as before you'll get Two Options 'Take A Photo' or 'Select A Photo' 
  5. To click a New Photo Tap On 'Take A Photo' or To add a Photo From Your Device Gallery Tap On 'Select A Photo'
  6. After selecting the image, you can edit or crop it to put it in your contact image.
  7. After doing all these things save your contact and you can see the image you selected is already there.

Remove/ Delete Contact Image.

If you don't want to Use a Contact Image & want to Remove, Delete or Add Another Photo as Contact Picture, you can do that easily.
  1. Go to Contact List  
  2. Find Contact you want to edit.
  3. Click edit Contact
  4. Tap on the Already Saved Contact Image.
  5. Now you'll get 3 Options. Take a Photo, Select a Photo or Remove/ Delete Photo.
    Delete Contact Image
  6. Click Delete To remove Contact Photo or Want to add another image so tap on 'Select a Photo' .

Final Word

I have told about how you can add an image to your contact as a contact picture for how you can add a contact image in already saved contacts and last how you can remove an image from saved contact.
I hope this was helpful but if you still have any problem or doubt or want to suggest anything let me know in Comments.

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