Get Free Review Product/Unit From Amazon.(No Subscribers,No Requirement)

Get Free Review Product/Unit From Amazon
Get free products from Amazon

Here I am going to show you how you can get free products from Amazon website you can use this process both of or

 it is a working method you can ask or check its proof also on many other websites or at the video on my channel the link is given below so don't forget to check the video also.

What to do?

First of all and telling you some requirements you just have to create a Amazon account which you can create by your email address or a phone number.
Account should be minimum purchase of 1500 rupees.
It means your Amazon account should be used and it should be a order of minimum value of 1500 rupees.
That's because of to stop persons to create a new account and use it for review product.

Now go to your account and find my order section. At the order section you can get the products that you have ordered by using this Amazon account or you can say you have purchased these products from Amazon.

Check the right hand side you will get some details like seller feedback, delivery feedback, return product and at the end you will get the important thing "review this product".
Now click this section and you can see a different page here you have to give some star rating to the product as it performance according.

At the box you have to fill full review means it's full specification or how it works when you bought it its good thing bad thing over problems or anything if you want to tell about someone about this product.

When you write your review you can see below this box headline or title section now you have to give a title or you can say a headline to your review that will describe all about you review.

When you're done this click submit your review if you want you can also add your some pictures related to this product at the review section.

(((You can write both type of review biased and unbiased if you purchase something and review it it will be verified review and if you writer unbiased review it will not be verified review.)))

                             Now how it works?
If you created account and purchased 1500 rupees product also you have done the review know what the final process to get free product.
Let me talk you about this process so read this carefully.
When you write a product review and some people who wants to purchase this product come to this product page on Amazon and see your review and if he think that your review was helpful for him he will give you helpful vote.

When you get helpful votes it makes your ranking on Amazon as a reviewer.
On the Amazon reviewers page you can see there were many peoples are also doing this and they will have a ranking between 1 to 10,000.

If your helpful votes are higher your ranking will be lower and you will get the most popular ranking on Amazon reviewer page which is 1 to 1500.

       What about the free product?

When you will achieve your ranking first to 1500 you will start getting free products award the process how you will get.
This seller will contact you via Email and ask you about to review their product for them.
There could be two types of review 1 seller can give you the full amount of product and tell you to buy the product at the same rate and he will also send you a link of product you have to buy the product and after that you have to review the product that the seller told you to buy.
And the product will be yours if you purchase it by that money.

2. The seller can mail you and ask you about to review their product but they will not send you full amount of product they will send u sum of amount and tell you to write a unbiased review it means you don't have to purchase anything or you don't have to spend your own money you just have to review the product but without purchasing it and the amount the seller will give you will be yours.

No I think you understand all this process that I have described if you have any questions please ask me in comment section and if you want to know more about this process you can watch the video below.
This video is in Hindi and I think you can understand much better then by video.

Watch Video To know more About in Hindi