Increase Instagram Followers,Likes & Comment Free Without Survey?

    "Increase Instagram Followers,Likes & Comment"

So friends today we are going to talk on Instagram followers.
how to Increase Instagram follower?, How to gain Instagram follower?, Increase Instagram follower etc.

Many of peoples are finding how to gain Instagram followers.They wants to increase There followers and wants to get more likes and comments on their post and stories but they don't know the fact about it what happens when they use third party app to sign up Instagram.

So let's talk about what happened when you use third party app and use it as a auto follower on Instagram.

I hope if you are doing this so you will never do this again after reading this post so without wasting any time let's know about it harmful causes.

Before Knowing its harmful causes let's try to understand how these application and website works that makes you easy to gain Instagram followers.

How these applications and websites works?

When you go to App or website to gain Instagram followers they ask you for your user id and your password as you can check on any app or any website.

They takes your username or password it means they can handle your Instagram account properly without any disturbance or you can say they have now permission to use your Instagram account without any problem.

After that they start following others with your ID and in Returns the people will also follow you as you can say this "follow me I will follow you back".
That's how it works.

Let's move to its courses

1). When you sign up without third party app they need your Instagram user name and your password also when you give this information to them they know your password and can handle your Instagram properly.

2). It means they can use your Instagram profile as they want they can do any illegal things and it could be a risk for you.

3). If you give a third party app your user ID or password of Instagram it means you are giving your Instagram account to them. they can use it for their benefit we can also delete your account and can make anything with bady that nobody wants.


If you want to also use this mathod so I recommend you please make a fake Instagram account with a fake email id and try it.
Never try to use your original Instagram account always use a fake account you can make it only by doing few steps.

a) you can create your new Gmail id that is totally free by Google.
b) after creating a Gmail account you can use it to create a new Instagram account that is also free.

At the end I recommend you again please don't try to use this method with your original Instagram account and if you want so I told you what could be happen with you and your account.