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Submit/Add Your Own Image Or Photos at Google | How Can You See Your Photo at Google... Show Your Photo at Google...

Hey Guys will you believe if I'll say that you can see my all Photos on Google Just By searching my name! Now I think you'll not gonna believe this but Did you ever thought to How we can see some people's images on Google by searching their Names.
Submit own Images on Google
Let's take an example- Let's go to Google & Search any Celebrity's Name on it, You'll get too many images There on Google of that celebrity. But why only there Pictures is on Google Why not People can see my Photos by searching my Name on Google.And you can also become famous in your friends when you say them hey 'Do you Know My photos is on Google you can find them just by searching My Name & your Friends gonna shock with this.
If you also think like me so let's come with me & Make it Possible. Because guys today I'm Gonna Share with you "How To See My Own Photo On Google?" OR 'How To Add Your Own Image at Google?'

You can easily add your Photos at Google,But for this work you have to do some little things that'll all help you to Show your Images on Google, I'm hoping to tell you all about it briefly so make Shure to follow all those steps to Add your Images on Google.

1. Social Media Platform
The first thing that you have to Do is Use Social Media,Firstly You have to create Your Accounts On all Social Media Platforms With The Same Name.
Listen Carefully your account should be credited with the same name if your Names will be different on all of them then your Social media Accounts will not be Rank on Google & your photos will also not be show on Google when someone will search your Name on Google.
The same name on social media will help Google to understand What is your Name & whom people are finding.

2. Create Your Own Blog & Upload images.
The second thing we have is Own Website or blogs.Now you'll think "How it could be possible because creating website is too costly & I also don't know a little bit about Coding,So how I can create my blogs"?
But you don't know but there is also a free way to create your own Blogs & it is free of cost even you don't have need any professional coding or knowledge to manage these all things. Google also provide a free Blogs for all Named Blogger.Com ,You won't believe but I'm using this & you are are reading this Right Now,This is totally free.You also have some more options there you can use Wordpress.Com which is more advance then Blogger.Com,You should try them.
  • Now select Upload Image & Then select all images from Phone/PC that you want to show on Google.
  • Then click on Images & Click Properties,Here at the property section you have to Fill your Name in Both of Blank Boxes.It helps your photo to rank above on Google Searches.
  • You can also write your name In Tittle & also in search Description.
  • Now just click Publish, that's it.
Remember your photos should be public not a private.When you'll publish your post make sure it is public & your post should also be Public.

That is the most interesting,Free & easiest way for everyone to Show your Photo on google.
Basicall here you can share your images,Firstly you have to go on This Website & then login/sign up your account.
After doing all these steps you are ready to upload you image on it.Just tap upload & You'll get option to select file from your Device just findout your images & Upload them at here.
Show your image at google
Now Write your Name In description & also in Tags.
Before Publishing this Make sure that the picture you are uploading is Visible to Everyone,If it is Private so select public as you can see on above Image. & Then upload it on Flickr.
Now after some days Google will Index your Images & maybe you'll be able to see your Photos on Google as soon.
There is one more thing that you can do is Upload your images on all social medias Platform but with the same Name.

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