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Do you want to Win Flash Sale But Don't know how So Here is Something For you,That will Make you a Champ in it... Trick To Win Any Flash Sale.

This is too annoying when you know that your favourite thing are your favourite smartphone are going to sell in a flash sale.I know most of people have problem to give a flash sale because they don't know the exact way to order that product in flash sale but don't worry because there are some simple tips and hacks for you guys that can make you able to win any flash sale in just a minute.
How to Win Flash Sale

hey guys this is Shubham Bhardwaj and today I am going to share with you the easiest way to win any flash sale or you can also say a simple trick to order products in flash sales without wasting a minute.

Once I wanted to buy a Smartphone that was Sell on Flipkart but in a flash Sale & I was very upset when I don't order that phone because that time I don't know anything about Flash Sale but after using some simple tricks i become the Champ to win Flash Sale.Let me tell you the trick-

Basically nothing I am going to tell you will not work in your shopping app so if you are going to use this you have to do this in your PC or any browser in your smartphone.

Before Moving Forward the biggest thing to win Flash Sale Is Firstly Create your account on that Shopping website & Make sure that you filled your Address & Details on it.

If you are using PC then you have to go on web store where you have to search auto refresh extension, you can also search auto refresh extension on Google. 
Win Flash Sale
During the flash sale you need to refresh that page again and again as fast as you can do but I know whenever you refresh the page it will take up to 5 to 7 seconds that is too late to win that flash sale, that's why you need an auto refresh tool that will refresh the page automatically and you can also said that time to refresh that page. It can refresh a page in just one second but it will repeat that process continuously,

Means you'll not gonna miss any second 'when the product will be in stock'.Just keep your eyes on your Desktop & when the product become available just click 'Add to Cart' or Buy Now.

Now come to Smartphone if you don't have PC Or & want to win Flash sale with Smartphone then you have to open that Product & the same Shopping website in your Chrome Browser or any that you Use,Then go to Playstore & Download Auto Refresher Tool.
How to Win Flash Sale
This auto refresher tool will also work like an extension and it will refresh your page continuously without stopping. I mean if you refresh a page in 5 or 6 seconds then this can do the same thing for you but in just a second and it will also repeat that process continuously.

So after downloading this application just copy your products link from your browser and then paste that link to this application and select the time to refresh your page that's it. After doing all these things the app will work for you and you just have to keep your eyes on the product whenever it comes in stock just click on buy and that thing you have to do.

There is some more tips for you if you follow them definitely you will be Champ to win flash sales.
Just come 4 to 5 minute before starting the sale.
Open your products in different tabs are you can say open your product in different new browsers.

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