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Hey guys do you want to get some Free Stuffs,Get it with this Latest Tricks...
Get Free Stuffs/Products

As I know everyone wants to get free stuffs from Amazon Flipkart Paytm and from other shopping websites without paying money or without purchasing them.

So if you are also thinking that "can we get free stuff from Amazon, Flipkart and from other shopping websites?, Is that real to get free stuff from Amazon?
free stuff from Amazon
The answer is yes you can get free stuffs from this all shopping websites without paying money or without purchasing them 'but there is some condition you should know before'. So that's what I am going to tell you about without wasting anytime let's go straight to the point.

Firstly the highest required thing to get free stuff is you need a huge number of audience and engagement with them because the brand will only give you the product for free if they will get audience in return from that. The main motive of Brands behind it just gain audience to grow their sales & Brand.

That's what all sponsors and influencers do on their Social Media. If you will visit and big celebrity or a famous person with having a large number of followers on their social media then you will find that they promote brands on their social media with posting the brands pic and also tag to them.

free stuff from Amazon
The thing you can do is just create your social media accounts on different platforms like Facebook Twitter Instagram and other that you know and be active their and firstly gain a large number of followers on your social media. If you are thinking that you can get products for free on just 500 To 600 followers or audience base that it's not possible,so try to get atleast 5000 followers then you can directly pitch a seller to Give you Product & you'll promote them on your social media.

If you tried to contact a brand on  just 500 or 700 followers then I am damn sure they will never going to be contact you back but they will never reply you for that email because that doesn't sense for them and the main thing it doesn't beneficial for their brand a product.

One more thing I want to tell you about choose a brand that matches your followers count I mean if you have short number of followers then you should choose a small brand to get products and maybe they will give you that easily but in a small number of followers you tried to contact a big friend then will get nothing and they will not reply to your email. That's why choose a brand or product that matches to your follower count.

Now for them who already have a huge Audience Base ''How to Contact Seller's"

Basically I am going to use because I am from India so if you are from other country try to used your country's Amazon site.
Firstly just open Amazon and then login to your account if you don't have you can easily create with an email ID. You can also try these method to other shopping websites. For now let's come to Amazon-
Now choose a product that relate to your follower count, if you are going to try this first time then I will suggest you try to find a small accessory or product because they have more chances to get free.

when you select a product you will get there too many information you just have to find the seller's name maybe it will be like 'sold by'-ABC.
free stuff from Amazon
As you can see in the image that is the seller which is Highlighted with the Red Mark.
After clicking that you will be redirect to the another page where you can see some reviews related for the seller and at right hand side you will get option there & can see ask a question as you can see below in the image.
free stuff from Amazon
Now click to the ask a question and then you will get option related to product basically here you will get what other options as you can see in the image.
Here at the first section where you can see 'what can the seller help you with' select An Item For Sale. And the other side in ''Tell us more About the Issue" select Other Questions.
That's the main thing that define all about you to Seller. In the message section you have to put all your detalils Means Here you have to highlight your Followers or Audience that you have.
You can also use this Massage that you have to sent to seller:-

Hi Sir/Madam I'm (Your Name) and I have a Channel on YouTube by name (Your Channel Name).So I was Very Interested and will be Very Helpful to you in receiving free products from you to Review them on My Channel.I have about (No. of Subs on your channel) subs on my Channel. I'm interested in reviewing of any product with the Honest opinion.

My Channel URL :- (Your Channel URL)

Best Regards,

If the seller will find this Beneficial for their brand then I'm damn sure they'll reply you as soon & send you Product to review absolutely Free.

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