Get Unlimited Instagram Followers Without App Legally No Human Verification or Survey

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Today I am going to share with you are really working ways to get free Instagram followers likes and comments without application or website even you no need to do Human Verification or Surveys.
This is going to be real genuin working method and I am not going to tell you about any application or website that will give you free Instagram followers. Basically this is going to be some working tips that actually work and I also used them  on my Instagram account.
Get Unlimited Instagram Followers
After using this method I got the really positive results on my Instagram account. I got free followers likes and comments also on my Instagram account, so what I tried and what is the method that you have to do to getting followers likes and comments on your Instagram account also.

1). Consistency
As we know every instagrammers says that you should regular post at least to stories or Pics On Instagram but is that really works or not. So I just follow this and uploaded to regular post on my Instagram account then I got the result I found that it is really works and my followers are increasing day by day. It was 2 to 5 followers comming per day on my Instagram Account.
That's not enough it was not the only thing that I have done to gain followers you should also have to use hashtag keywords. I told about that in my previous article. Whenever you post on Instagram don't forget to add at least 30 hashtag keywords related to your pic/post.

2). Used hashtags
When you will use this I am definitely sure you will get the results very soon on your Instagram account. Basically when you use this Hashtag with any keyword then it become a trend means what people are finding on Instagram and they have searches also like a video of YouTube.
Get Unlimited Instagram Followers
Suppose I am uploading nature pic in my Instagram post then I use some keywords related to my pic. When I use keywords to my Post then my post become searchable with that keywords if I told you in a simple language then when you will search the hashtag keyword that I used in my Post you will also get my post there on the Search Results.

3). Perfect Time For Instagram
Not this is going to be the main thing in this whole Article. That is going to be about that timing when upload a post on your Instagram, maybe many of you already know about it that "what is the perfect time to post on Instagram?".
You won't believe but the reason I have got it was shocking for me. I never thought that the timing matters to post on the Instagram but as I got the result now I know that timing really matters. Now what is the Perfect time To Post? 
Get Unlimited Instagram Followers
You'll get answer after this regularly I post my pics on Instagram at anytime & only gets 10 to 15 likes even I also used Hashtags in it but one day I post a pic at 9 A.M & gotted 25 likes on my pic.So I understand that there is also A value of time.So I searched about Perfect Time for post on Instagram & Find that 9 A.M (morning) & 6 P.M ( evening) is the Perfect time because that is the time when Most of People become Active On Instagram & search volume increases.If you post on the Perfect time Using Hashtags Keywords & two posts daily You'll get results without paying money.Your Instagrams Number of Followers ,Likes & Comments become increase with double speed.

4). Comments Reply There is Something more to Do whenever someone comment on your post always Reply them as soon this is also a simple thing to gain Followers.
One more thing I done is 'when someone comments on my post I also go to their Profile & Like & comment on their post.
So that's the Simple trick that I was trying & Thought it will be helpful for you that's why I share this with you guys.Hope you'll use this trick to gain Free Followers on Instagram even you Don't need to Do Any Human Verification.
If you try all of these methods you are going to get (1000) thousands free Instagram followers.

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