How To Open/Access Blocked Websites.

Wanted to Access Blocked Websites which you want to access in your Area,So here it is....
Visit Blocked Websites..

Hey guys did you ever thought when you visit a website "but it's not opened in your mobile or we can say you don't have access to visit them"why this happens & how you can visit these types of website that is not allowed in your country or in your area.

So come with me because today I am going to share with you 'how you can visit a website that is blocked or you don't have permission to access them. Now you will be able to to visit them easily let's get started.
This happened mostly in If you are using college Wi-Fi, School Wi-Fi, or any type of public Wi-Fi connection you won't be able to use some particular type of websites like social media websites included Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn etc.
Open blocked website
Sometimes you also won't be able to used shopping websites as like Amazon,Flipkart, Gearbest,etc.

The main thing which is totally banned with the public Network is Age Restricted Websites but there is still some ways to Unlock these type of websites with the same internet connections doesn't matter you are using your School,College or Any Public Network.

Basically there are two ways to block a Websites one is own Personal & Second is by Government of your country.

You can block a website in your own PC or in your Internet Connection but if a Website that is harmful or may cause to Violence in Country then The government have right to block that website Permanent in country.

Basically I am going to tell you some ways that can help you to access these all websites easily with the same internet connection with the same area doesn't matter what is your country.

VPN (virtual private network)

There is the best way to unlock this type of website or to access this type of website you need to install VPN in your device you can also use VPN for your PC is Macbook and for any iOS phones. There is some best VPN services available at hear that provide you free data and some of them also gives you unlimited data to access VPN.

Suppose I am in India so I can only access Amazon Indian website if I want to access America's Amazon website it won't be able/possible for me.

At this moment I can change my country using vpns that will give you a private network that also give permission to access America's Websites.
When I will use VPN it gives me a different IP address and I can select different countries IP according to my requirement.

Basically when we use VPN it creates a tunnel Between our server to Websites that we want to Visit.
Access banned Websites
If someone is blocked any website like YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc on there personal internet connection then you can unlock them by VPN even If the government of your country is blocked any harmful website you can also visit them easily with VPN but I will suggest you to please don't try to visit these type of websites because maybe that can be harmful for you also or maybe it can Spread violence against your country.

Now talk about VPN there are too many VPN available on Play Store App Store and for Chrome extension also. Some VPN are free but there are some Paid VPN servers are also available,now the question is which one is best and which one you should use free or paid?

I will only recommend you to use paid VPN services because they'll encrypted your data & Safe it but if you use free VPN server there is no security for you Privacy & For your Data.

If you are an Android usetr then you can easily download VPN application from the Playstore,For iOS users visit App Store & the last one PC users can also use VPN extensions going with web store.
There is Some Best VPN Services that you can also Check out.

I hope this article was helpful for you maybe you liked it if still having any Problem Please Know me in Comments & you can also suggest your Thoughts in Comments with me..

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