Instagram New CLOSE FRIEND feature/Update.

Instagram new feature update it is close friend for Insta Stories.. Close Friend.

Hey guys what's up if you are a Regular Instagram user  you should  know about Instagram update a new feature named close friends.
Instagram recently updated it's some feature and also posted on Instagram official page where they share about this feature,so what is Instagram close friend feature? How close friend feature works in Instagram? What close friend Feature does in Instagram?.

If you are thinking also about this feature what is this and how it works so I am going to share with you about this feature deeply.
Instagram New CLOSE FRIEND feature/Update.
Basically that is a recent Update of Instagram and the feature is now available in every Instagram application, if you don't get this feature then you need to update your Instagram application.

You can simply do this by just going on play store and search Instagram, if you already have The app ,you will definitely get an option to update your Instagram application. 

But I don't think so that you need to update your Application because I get this feature without doing anything.

Now let's talk about this new "Close Friend"feature.

As I know about this feature this is for your insta stories. Whenever you share a story on your profile you have option to choose people who can see your story and the second option you have ,make your story public for everyone.

If you select second option everyone will be able to see your stories,but,to stop this Instagram added a new feature name 'close friends'.
Instagram New CLOSE FRIEND feature/Update.
This is not going to be a big update or something like you are thinking about it will just create a group of your favourite friends as you always do on your Facebook and on your WhatsApp also.
And after that when you add some people to your favourite list you can share your story only with your favorites / Close friends.

How to use?

1). Just go to your profile and then select 3 lines of setting here you will get option close friends as you can see above in the image.
2). After that you will get your friends list just add your friends to favorites' who you want to show your stories.
3). When you will post your story share it with your favourite. When you share your story with favourite friends story will get a label as you can see in below image.
4). Only your favourite can see your story now.
5). You can also edit this just by typing on close friend label and edit option will be there.
Instagram New CLOSE FRIEND feature/Update.
6). Don't worry nobody is going to know about your favourite friends list that you have created. Your friends can only know ''they are in it or not'.

Final Words.

This feature by Instagram is not new for me I already seen this feature in WhatsApp & it is same like that.
Not too much useful features but yes if you want to Hide your story from some specific person then you can use it.

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