11+ Ways Make money Online

Do You Want To Make Money Online,But dont Know How? So this Article May Help You....
Make Money Online ..

Hey Guys do you Want to Make Money Online or Want to get Paid At home Without Going Anywhere so here is something that will blow your mind and give you an opportunity To Make Money From Home.
Basically we all know that making money online is a way to Earn from home, but the problem is we don't know we don't know how? Because we don't have any idea or we don't know what is the correct way to make money Online & what we need to do to Get Paid.
Make  money Online
That's why today in this article I am going to share with you how you can make money online from internet or from online.

Friends, if you have a smartphone and if you use the internet then today I'm going to tell you some ways that you can use to make money from home with the help of your smartphone and internet and you don't need to go anywhere.

Basically I am going to share with you some ways & if you work on them you'll definitely get the results as soon & your earning is not fix "as much you'll work, as much you'll Earn" that all are Proven ways because too Many People already working in this field & Making money.
So let see What Are these  Ways...

Refer & Earn ..

If you are a student or you are studying then the program of Refer and earn will prove to be very useful for you, because you will know that 'There are too many apps on Play-store that gives you Money For refer that Application With Your Friends. 

Basically this type of apps Works on to grown their Downloads & like other earning platforms they also earn by placing ads on their Application. that's why when someone share that App with their Loving one they get paid through the Referral Program.

I have seen so many people earning like this They create a channel on YouTube, on which they keep uploading videos from these applications, through which they also give their referral links in the description & whenever someone download that app with their link, They make successful Referrals. This could be very helpful for students and if you are also student I will definitely suggest you to do that.

Share link & Earn ..

The easiest way to make money online is to share the link and earn money from it. If you have many followers or there are so many friends on your social media where you can share a link, then this gonna be a best earning way for you.

   On the internet there are so many website & applications that shorten your big link and whenever you share your link on your friends or on your social media, and if someone clicks on them, in return You can make money from it.

Basically, these applications and website also earn Money by placing ads on their page & when someone click on your shorter link' they're not going to redirect directly, before that this websites show's them some advertisement only for few seconds & that's the main earning source of them.

Own Application  ..

May be you Must be using some application now, but do you know that money is also earned through these applications, yes that's true you can earn money by Applications.

You don't know but too many People are earning through Publishing their Apps On Play-store. 
Make  money Online
Only thing you have to do is that' you have to create an application that people like to download. It could be any type of like- Gaming app, News apps, Funny app, Shopping apps, videos app, Status/Story app ETC.

You have too many other options that you want to do and just create an application on it and publish time on Play Store.

If you don't know how to create an application, you can hire someone who knows about to create an application professionally. to find out this type of people you can check them out on Fiverr.com or any other freelancing websites.

One more important you have to spend at least 25 dollars to publish your application on Play-store this is going to be your One time investment and you don't have to pay it again.

You can Also Create An Application yourself ,there are too many websites on internet that provides you free services, where you can create your own application without any knowledge of coding and app development knowledge.

you can publish your own application on Play Store and put Ads by Google on it to make money by your application.

Own Website ..

Have you ever wondered whenever you search something on Google, you get so many results and websites' but do you know why people are doing that, because they make money with it.

When ever you search anything on Google you gets too many results on it ,You can also create your Website/ Blogs & share your Knowledge with other's & earn with it. If you have a specific knowledge or you want to spread your knowledge with audience then this is best for you.

You can create your own blog or website absolutely free by blogger.com but if you want to get a premium blog then you have to pay money and you can also start it on wordpress.com .

Basically on blogger you just have to write articles about anything that you know and can publish them on Google, for that you don't have to spend money and you can earn by placing ads on it.

But before applying ads on blogger you need some requirements and then you can apply to get ads from Google AdSense. Once your approval proceed your blog become monetize and you can make money with it.

Your all earning will be shown in your AdSense account.you can also apply third party advertisement on your blogger.

Affiliate Earning ..

Affiliate is also same as Referrals earning. You only have to share links of products or you have to share the product with your friends' whenever someone purchases that product with the link given by you, then the company gives you some commission of the total price of that product.

Many online website who sells Product online that uses affiliate programs so that they can increase their sales.

There are several such websites that can commission you up to 20 percent of the product .So if you sell a smartphone through your Link whose value is ₹10'000 then you can earn up to 2000 rs & even you have done nothing to earn that.

Basically Affiliate is a best earning method in online field. Firstly you just Have to Join Affiliate Programme of any Shopping website Like- Amazon, Flipkart, Gearbest, Bangood ETC. It is also like Refer & Earn you have just have to sell products through your Link & You'll get Commission of that Product.

Freelancing  ..

If you have a Skill Want to do something but you have no job with which you can earn, then you can go to the freelancing website and create your account and sell your services and earn with it.

Freelancing is a way that gives you Opportunity to Sell your Services for Money. Means if you can Create Posters, Websites, Music ,etc but you don't have any Job or you don't want to work Under Boss then Freelancing is best way for you. 

Just go to Freelancer Website & Sign up & create your Profile with Providing all Your Services Information. Whenever someone need a man to work that is having skills to do that & if you also have the same skill, then they can contact & hire you.

    On the Internet, you get many freelancing websites like this where you can sign up and create your profile where you can also tell about your skills. All of these websites are very trustful and lots of People are working on these and earning a lot of money.

 So Just help others with your skills & they'll pay you for your work. You can negotiate amount after contacting them. Now you don't have to worry to find a job.

Typing Jobs .

If you know typing and you want to earn money by typing only than You can search for someone who needs a man who knows typing & can ask them to hire you.

You can also create your own profile by going to the Freelancer website, where you must provide the information you need to relay with your typing. When you create your profile on the freelancing website, you must tell about yourself and your knowledge, so that anyone who need your help or want to use your Services will know better about you & your Experience. & If they found your service helpful they'll definitely give to work & also pay you for that.

You also have an option to work for others, if you know Personally Someone who having a website or anything else & they are finding a man who knows typing then you can ask them To Manage their Work & can type for Them, If they Needed any Help they'll definitely pay you for the work.

Social Media Influncer.

This work is meant only for those people who remain active on social media all the time and they have a lot of Followers.

Bigger websites and brands are looking for people who have many followers on social media and with whom they can promote these brands.

This is just one way to increase sales for these websites, for which they can contact you and in turn give you money for the promotion of those products. That is what all big celebrities are doing on social media.

It doesn't matter you are a big celebrity or not the only thing matter is you need audience, the more you have audience more you will earn.

If you have a large no of Followers On your Social Media then you could become Influencer. You can Directly Contact To a Brand & Approach them to Sponsor you & you'll promote their Brand with your Followers/ Audience, You just have to post about that brand & the Brand will pay you.

YouTube Channel..

Billions of People Daily Uses YouTube but How many knows that they can Make Money With YouTube? 

Yes it's True you can get paid by YouTube for Uploading videos. Money can be made on YouTube but for this, you have to work hard on YouTube. First of all, you have to create a YouTube channel that you can do with your email ID.
Make  money Online
After creating the channel you can start uploading the video on it but remember that your video should be something different so people like to watch it and your content should also be good so that more people like to see it.

You must also have seen a video on YouTube, which also comes with advertisements. All of these advertisements will be given by YouTube's side on your video, and in return, whenever these advertisements are shown or if someone clicks on these advertisements, then you'll get paid for this.

Only uploading videos is not enough, you must have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel, after which you will be able to apply to show advertisements from YouTube and if YouTube approves you ,then your video Automatically advertised & Ads will appear on it.

When too many audiences will be gathered on your channel, you can even do extra income, which will not be from Google.

Become A Seller ..

If you have ever shopped online, then you must know that many sellers sell product on online websites. Like them, you can also create a seller account on these websites and then sell your products there and earn money.

You can buy products in bulk and then sell them to higher prices on online shopping websites. With this, you can either create your own website or you can open your own online store where you can easily sell the product,you bought in bulk.

Simply, you can sell your product at any website where you can buy online products.Visit these websites to create a seller account and then start selling your product.

You could become a Seller & Can Sell your Products on Different Shopping Websites Like-Amazon, Flip-kart, Gear-best, Alibaba etc. Just get the Product from Local Market Market in Bulk & Sell them Online with the Sites.

Online Survey..

There are so many websites on the internet where you can earn money by simply compiling the survey.If you have internet you use the internet and you have a smartphone or computer then you can make money sitting at home through online survey.

After visiting these websites, you only need to sign up, after which you will be able to create your account and after that you are given some surveys in which some small queries are asked if you give the answer to these queries, in return these Website gives you money.

Basically most of the Websites I found was Fake But there are Still Some Real websites that really pays.

If you work 1 to 2 hours a day on these websites you can earn a lot of money. How much money you will earn, it depends on your work because the more surveys you accomplish, the more income you get from the website.


You can use any of these methods to earn money in the online field, but the most important thing is that you have to continue working.

If you think that I will start today and start earning from tomorrow, then you will not get anything because you have to start the work first and you will get the result after that.

Maybe you have to face some problems in the beginning or maybe it may take 2 to 4 months or even 1 year for start your earning but. If you work well and focus on your work continuously, you will earn a lot of money.

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