YouTube v/s Blogging,Best Platform For Earn Online..

YouTube V/S Blogging..

That's the biggest question in online earning field "YouTube vs blogging, which one is best for earn money online. YouTube earning vs blog earning. YouTube or blogging. Highest paying platform YouTube or Blogging. youtube vs Blogging income. Best highest paying platform between YouTube & Blogging" if you are also finding these all questions answer then you are on perfect platform because here today I am going to share with you about my own experience for YouTube and blogging. So without wasting anything let's get to the point.
YouTube Vs Blogging
If you want to start online Earning then you will have to spend some time on it so that you can Earn. It is not that today you have started any work and you will start Earning from tomorrow.
So first of all, please plan well ko about what you want to do, write about what you want to write or make a video, then create a channel or create a blog on which you can later Earn.

Let's  talk about YouTube and blogging, which is the best choice for earn money but before that we should also look some Parts of both method.

Basic Comparison.

1). Where you do not need to spend money to upload videos to YouTube, on the other hand if you create a blog, through WordPress, you may have to spend money. but if you don't have money to spent on Blogger for Domain, Hosting etc, then you should go to Google's product , you get a free blogger on which you will not need to spend money, and you can work on creating your own blog on it.

2). To work on both YouTube and Blogging, you need a content that is your topic and around which is your blog or YouTube channel Works.
For example - My YouTube channel is about Tech so I can't upload food videos, because that is not my content & my viewers are not going to watch them. 

3). Where on YouTube you spread your knowledge to the people through your video, the same way you can also spread your knowledge to people by writing in blogging .

Elements That Effect your Earning.

Too many people have this confusion that people are Earning on YouTube by Views & Subscribers, but there is nothing like that, you earn money through advertising only. In the same way you can Earn on the blog by applying the advertising given by Google. Whenever someone click on that advertisement 'You get paid. All your ads serve by Google AdSense & you'll receive all your Payments in AdSense Too.

There is a lot of difference between YouTube and Blogger Earning. As i know Youtube pays 0.02-0.1 $ for per ads click but on the other hand you can get up to 1$ per click on your blogger. So the clear earning difference is Front of you.But there is still something that describe your revenue on YouTube & Blogs. They highly relate to your content,Traffic & yes with your revenue also.

1). Your Content
Your content is King for you because if your content is searchable and its having all the details that people are finding then it would be very helpful for people and definitely they are going to watch and Read them.

On YouTube your content should be ads friendly. I mean your content and topic should be friendly for publisher to show ads on your videos. According to YouTube guidelines if your content is not suitable for advertisers to show ads on your video, YouTube can stop appearing ads on YouTube Even your AdSense could be disable for YouTube.

On the other side you can also choose a highly searchable content for your blog and you can continue with that for all time. You can follow this for both Youtube & Blogging.
it doesn't matter' you are working on YouTube or blogging you need a content to create your channel or blog and then work on it' if you work harder and smarter you will get the result as well as soon.

2). Language
Language direct impact to your earning on Blogger and YouTube also. Now you will think 'why I'm talking about language and how it can affect on my earning?
If I talk about blogging on YouTube, then your language plays a very important role.Because any traffic you receive on your channel or on your blog, the number of people who come to you is due to your language. 

Suppose If I make my content in English then it is obvious that my video and blog can be seen anywhere in the world because English is a World wide Language & Most of country uses this Language. But if I create my content in Hindi or Urdu then it is possible theat all my traffic will come only from 2-3 country.

And the final thing all your earning depends on ad clicks and the country make important role for your revenue.
I have already seen that in my AdSense account, as you can seen in this Image-

Now in this image you can see my Revenue for my Blogger, in USA I got 32 Clicks & the revenue I generated is 11.82-$ but on the other hand In 'India' I've got 46 clicks (Ads Clicks) which is higher than USA & the revenue I generated is only 2.28-$ only, which is so low. Now that's the thing I want to tell you. In comparison of Eastern country' Western countries revenue is up to 5 times higher.

It is same on YouTube you'll get some high Revenue if your viewers is from Western country. Maybe you'll get 0.1-0.2-$ for Per ads clicks on your videos.

Which is Best for Earning?

The most awaited Question for everyone ' Who wants to know best earning Platform between Blogging & YouTube?

I can just say ,that the both platforms are very helpful & You can earn from Both but ,if we talk about earnings that is preety different, but let's understand deeply about their earnings.

Earning on 1,000 Views!!

I already having my blog & that's why I know how much you can earn On 1,000 Page Views. It totally depend on elements as I told you above & it's also same for YouTube but you should also understand the views different Between YouTube & Blogging.

You can get Millions of views On your Videos but to get Millions of views on your blogs is pretty difficult,,I'm not saying you can't get Million views on your Blog but yes it's difficult.

If you have 1000 views on your blogger then you can earn from a minimum of $ 2 to $ 3 but But if you talk about YouTube, then you need 3 to 4000 to implement $ 1 on it.
If you talk about the payment, both platforms will give you almost the same payment.

Suppose you got 10,000 views on your YouTube video & on blogger you got only 15,00-2,000 Page views at this condition You can get a Minimum 3$ income from both Platform.
So if you think you can earn more money than blogging on YouTube on 1000 views then it is absolutely wrong.

Which One To Choose.?

Now many people of you may be confused with thinking that " what I should choose  to earn more Money from internet, YouTube or blogging ?
Let me solve your Confusion right now.

on my personal opinion I will suggest you to choose both platform because if you choose both you can earn more than other platforms. Why I'm telling you this because if you choose both you can earn too much that you can't expect.

if you also start YouTube channel with your blogging you can share your knowledge with your audience and also get some traffic for your blog by YouTube. You can simply redirect your audience to visit your blog and to read your content that's pretty simple thing about YouTube.

There is no other things to make money on YouTube that will give you another ways to get paid without AdSense. You can use affiliate marketing ,sponsorship ,reviews brand collaboration etc.
these are some other ways to make money on YouTube and you can earn more than your AdSense' that's what all youtubers are doing on YouTube.

and if you have a YouTube channel then I will suggest you to also work on your blogger create account and work on it and redirect your YouTube audience to your blogs to read Amazing content, & you'll see that your revenue become doubled.


The only thing I want to suggest you is "Firstly Learn & Then Earn".
It doesn't matter you are working on YouTube, Blogging or both, the important thing is more you will learn and more you will earn. If you are working to give to you will learn things.

If you also want to grow on YouTube, you will surely need some time to understand things Like- How to edit Videos, What it's tittle should be, Which tags is Searchable, Thumbnail etc.

The same thing applied on blogging firstly you need to learn things about blogging because it's not easy that you are thinking.
You also have to learn about it how to write post, SEO, ranking, etc.

If you start YouTube or blocking for the purpose of earning money, you may also earn money, but if you work on it for just money, then you may have to face some difficulty, so keep in mind that if you If you want to start anything, then only focus on your content, once you grow then you can earn.

Last but not the least patience is most important thing on online field, you have to work on them you will get result after sometime not quickly, so if you think that I will work today and tomorrow I will get money that can't be possible on them.

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