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Make Money with TikTok (

I've Seen too many People asking me about "How TikTok ( users Make Money, How can I also earn with TikTok".
I think there will hardly be a person who has not heard or the names of the TikTok. The video of Tik Tok on the Internet has been overwhelming. Your friend or relative may be connected to TikTok and also make videos on it. That's why we are going to talk about this Matter & I'll try to Describe what I Personally Know.
And you still don't know, What is Tik Tok and why people are crazy for that so today I'm going share with you all about TikTok, what is Tik Tok or musically and why people are using it and how some people are becoming rich just by using this application.

What Is TikTok?

Like other video sharing platforms, TikTok or is also a video sharing platform, where people upload different types of creative videos and other viewers enjoy watching the video.
That is a Chinese application which is launched in 2014 officially. When this application was launched in 2014, its name was but, later it has been changed, which is now known as TikTok.
According to Wikipedia TikTok is available in 150 markets and in 75 languages basically, this application allows users to create a short video of 15 second and user can create them in a very creative way.

Tik Tok Says " Tik Tok is a destination for short-form mobile video and they capture and present the world's creatively knowledge and princess life moments directly from the mobile phone. Tik Tok enable everyone to be a creator and encourage the user to share their passion and creative expression through their videos"

That means TiK Tok is a platform where people can make their 15-second video with their expression and share them with everyone in the world and can promote their talents in a similar way.

Today or TikTok is full of the number of millions of millions of people worldwide. This application is having 100 million + download and with over 9 million reviews which is amazing.
And the rating is also good as you can see in this image.

How to Use Tiktok?

Let's talk about, How to use TikTok and how you can upload your own video on it. Here I'm going to tell you a basic about to use TikTok or
1). Firstly you just have to go on Playstore or if you are an iPhone user then you can find that on App Store just go and search TikTok & install it in your Device.
2). After downloading this application just click open and run this application. Once you open this you will start getting videos on your homepage.
3). At the bottom of this application, you can see some options like Home page, add videos, Notification and Profile also.
4). just click on your profile and it will automatically read the email address that you have already entered in your smartphone and now you can edit your profile also and can upload videos on it.
5). Now you can edit your profile and can add your Name, Profile picture and about yourself also which is your Bio.
6). You can also view likes/Hearts and followers/Fans on your profile section whatever you have gained.
You can upload a video just by tapping on the add button. You can make up to 15-second video and also can edit it and can use a different type of effects to show your creativity that's what this application is about.

How People Earn With TikTok. or TikTok is not a platform like YouTube where you can earn money by uploading Videos but you can also earn through this application but in a slightly different from other sources.

You have to work on this application, once you get a big Audience base then you could become an Influencer & make money through your Audience base.

let me tell you, why I am saying to you to gain a big audience based on your social media. After creating a huge audience base, you can become a social media influencer and earn lots of money.
Now you will think about what is an influencer does!

If I speak in a simple language, then these Influencers are such a person who has a large number of audiences on social media and also collaborates with brands to promote their product & for this work they get paid. So if you want to earn money like this then first you have to create an audience Base and also keep in mind that your audience will always keep engaged with you. The brand does not just see how many people you have, but they also see how many people actually see your videos & comments, Likes on it.

For Example, As you can See In this Image-
This is Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli's Instagram Post & you can see Red Spotted Images, On his social Media Platform, he is promoting two Brands Puma & other is Wrong (Clothing Brand) & you know what companies & brands pay them a huge amount.

Brands Deal.

That is a good deal for all who have an Audience on their social media platform You can approach the Directly brand and approach them that you can promote their product or brand on your social media account. For this, you can visit the websites of brands and email them & don't forget To Mention About your followers, Daily Comments & Page Views because these are the Main things That matter For brands For Promotion Purpose.
Keep in your Mind that a Brand only needed crowd or audience for promotions so, before approaching a brand you should ask this question yourself.

Sell your own Merchandies.

You can also sell some of your own products on your social media Like- T-shirts, Clothes, Merchandise etc. If you use your platform to promote your own stuff then you don't need to run ads on different social media platforms even you can promote your brand absolutely free with your audience that you have.

Just as the brand can be promoted on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms, in the same way, you can do your brand promotion through TikTok.

These are some ways which you can try to make money through Tik Tok am already people are doing the same so don't wait just follow these steps and start earning today.


If you make videos on TikTok and you have many followers then you should definitely try these methods to get paid. Keep in mind that as many people as they watch your video, keep the engagement with you so that you can promote a brand even you are going to get nothing, a brain will never deal with you to promote a friend if you don't engage with your audience.

Whatever following you have on your Tik Tok Cross promoting your other social media accounts like-Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tell them to follow you on them not just because to earn money with All platform but, just in case if TikTok dies, what about Your Followers, that's why also build your other Social Media platform equally with TikTok.

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