View Private Instagram Post,Story,Followers | View Private Instagram Account

View Private Instagram Post, Story, Followers

This Question is not leaving me alone, Everyone who uses Instagram has asked me At least once, Hey, Shubham do you Know How I can View/See Someone's private Instagram Posts, Followers & Following
View Private Instagram Post,Story,Followers

When I Searched on google about to Find Solution of this Matter, I found too many Question What people are Finding like- Is there a way to view private Instagram without survey, view private Instagram profiles without following no survey, view private Instagram without human verification, Instagram private profile viewer app.

So hey guys today I am going to share with you "Is that Possible To View someone's Private Instagram Profile, Posts, Stories etc or Not".  I'll try to give all about your Queries Related to Instagram Private Account, What are you waiting for let's move straight to the point.

Why Instagram Private.

* Instagram has given a private feature to each and every user who uses Instagram but, this is not for show off & not something amazing. Instagram has given these features just because to secure your identity from suspicious / stranger person.


* In Instagram, a private feature is given so that you can use it to protect your profile and your private photos from other people whom you do not want to show even you can also Make your Post & Stories Private.

* If you are privatizing your Instagram account, in this situation, only those people will be able to see your profile photo, posts, and stories which follow you and whom you have given permission. Means only your Contacts & friends can see them.

* There are also some people who do not know about You but, they still make a lot of comments on your Instagram account or misuse your photos. That's why sometimes people Make their account Private to Avoid this Type of Activities.

* Not just your photos and videos, but if you've got your Instagram account private, then people will not be able to see your followers and Followings as well, which means who are following you and who you have followed, no one can see this.

How to make the account private.

If you are an Instagram user and you want to privatize your account, then you can do it very easily, for this you have to follow small steps which I am going to tell you about-

*  Go to Instagram application & login with your account using your username and password.

* Go to your profile and click on setting. After that, you will get too many options but you have to go to Privacy & Security.
* Then go to account privacy and here you will get the option to make your account private.

* Just click on the button you can see at the right-hand side corner and private your account.
View Private Instagram Post,Story,Followers

* After enabling this button your account will become private and " when your account is private only people you approve can see your photos and videos".

Is it possible to view private accounts?

Now come to the main point, "is it possible to view a private Instagram profile followers and story". you can view profile picture of a private Instagram account you can also view following and followers number but you can't see their names.

If you talk about legal ways then there is 'No' way through which you can see the photos and stories of a private Instagram account. But still, there are some websites for applications that claim to show you photos and stories of a private Instagram account.

You can also find many such websites and applications which can help you see Pictures and Stories of Private Instagram account for free but, I listened to many websites and applications and tried them, but, I did not find any websites that could really help to see the pictures and stories of a private Instagram account that's why, I'm not telling about you any website or applications name in my article but, if you want you can try them by searching on Google.


I just want to say to you that you can not see any type of private Instagram account because Instagram has prepared this feature with very strong security, which could not be bypass by any application or website.

Therefore, do not try to see any other private Instagram account and if you use third-party application then your own Instagram account may be hacked by it.

You will also find many such Fake Websites where you are asked to complete the survey and when you have completed all of them, you get nothing, but you lose all your Time.

I am not saying all websites and all applications of fake maybe some of them really works but I don't find any application helpful that's why I am not giving any website or applications name at here.
" Privacy is Our authority & no one should try to break it, I also Don't support of this Kind of activity"

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