Things You Should Know About Instagram CHAT Story Sticker.


Instagram Added a New Sticker in Instagram Story is Called 'Chat'. Instagram trying to give users more interesting & helpful tools in story Sticker. As we know some stickers Like- Countdown, Quiz, Ask Me A Question, etc & now here is another One 'Chat'.

What Is Instagram Story Chat Sticker?

Basically, it is a brand new Story Sticker & you can use this feature in your Instagram Stories. Basically, this feature can help you to create Chat groups with Real Active Followers or With Friends. People who see your stories can Request you to Join The Chat & because all the friends are active you can chat with them instead in a group.

How To use Instagram Chat Sticker?

If you want to use Instagram Chat then just follow these simple Steps-

1). Go to Instagram Stories.
2). Click & Hold to add a New Story.
3). Choose Normal or Text.
4). Go to Stickers.
5). Find Quiz Sticker.
6). Give a Name to This Chat.
7). Click Done & Share.
Instagram chat story Sticker

How to Add Caption/Give Name to  Instagram Chat Sticker?

1). Select a Photo or Text In Stories.
2). Go to Stickers & select Chat Sticker.
2). After that, You'll see an option to 'Name This Chat'.
3). Tap there & Give it a Caption.
Instagram chat story Sticker

How to change the color of Instagram Story Chat Sticker?

1). Select Chat Sticker in Story.
2). Tap on the Customize Color Option to change Sticker color ( You can find a Rainbow Color Option above on the Screen.
Instagram chat story Sticker

3). Tap customisation & choose a Favourite Color.

How To See Who Requested For Instagram Chat ?

1). Click own Instagram Story.
2). Swipe up to the Chat Story.
3). See who requested for Chat.
Instagram chat story Sticker

Here you can see how many people seen your Chat Story & How many send Chat Request.

What Your Friend Will See?

Whenever your friend see your Instagram Chat Story They'll get a pop up notification.
Instagram chat story Sticker

As you can see here is the Pop up notification ' Tap to let 'Your Friend's know you'd like to Join their Chat.
So if your friend clicks Join chat, You'll get his/ Her request in your Story feed.

How can I Remove My Request From Instagram Story Chat?

If you are viewing your friends Story Chat & you Tap on chat & send request but still don't want to Join Chat request or it was by mistake then you can easily Cancel / Remove your Request Just Tap again on Join chat. Means double tap on join chat to Cancel Chat Request.
Instagram chat story Sticker


Once you get Chat request from your followers & friend you can create a Chat Group to chat with all of them who requested to Join your Story Chat & can talk them in one group.

I think this could be a good tool for Instagram users & specially for Influencers. But let see how people are gonna use this Latest Instagram Chat Story sticker. 

If you want to share your thoughts on this so please let us know in comment maybe your thoughts can help others.

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