Enable YouTube Dark Mode Chrome ( Android, Pc )

What is YouTube Dark Mode Chrome?

Youtube officially added Youtube Dark mode in YouTube application and for Desktop users. Using YouTube dark mode 2019 You can convert YouTube's White background into Black. People are also calling it YouTube Dark Theme or YouTube Night Mode
YouTube dark theme
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Using the YouTube Dark Mood, you can not only black your YouTube background, but it can also have some advantages, such as you can stop the effect of more light on your eyes by using it at night.

If you have been using a YouTube application for a very long time, it still gets a great option for you, because you may be bored by the same old theme by YouTube. So if you still using Old White Background theme on YouTube Then 'Turn on Dark Mode on Youtube Desktop'.

How to Enable Youtube Dark Mode in Android.

To use YouTube Dark Mode  Just Follow these Simple Steps In Your Android Device -

1). Open YouTube Application.
2). Sign-in With your Gmail Account.
3). Click Channel Icon.
4). Go to Settings.
5). Click/ Go to General Setting.
6). Find out Dark Mode / Theme.
7). Turn On Dark Theme.
Youtube dark theme

By following these simple steps you can enable YouTube dark mode/ Theme in your Android Smartphone & can enjoy the Youtube Night Mode or you can Say 'Youtube Dark Theme Android' Black background on YouTube. You can Follow the Same Steps In Your Ios Devices to make 'Youtube Dark Mode ios'.

How to Turn on Youtube Dark Mode Desktop.

Now we know how we can enable YouTube Dark Theme in Android but what about youtube dark mode desktop. So if you are a PC user & want to access 'Dark Mode Youtube pc'. All Desktop Users Can use different Browers for this like -

  • Youtube dark mode firefox
  • Youtube dark theme chrome
  • Youtube dark mode safari

1). Open YouTube In Desktop Browser ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, etc)
2). Login With Gmail Account.
3). Click channel Icon.
4). Find out Dark Theme Option.
5). Click To Turn On Dark Mode.

Now You can apply YouTube Dark mode Theme in your PC in Any browser. You can see the Tutorial video to apply Night Mode In your device. You can also Find On the Internet 'Youtube Dark Mode Chrome Extension'.

There are some more Queries About Youtube Dark theme. So if you haven't Find your Answer Maybe you'll get it here.

Frequently Asked Questions { FAQ's }

Is there a YouTube dark theme?
Yes, Youtube Officially Launched a Youtube New Feature which is Youtube Dark them. You can use this option to turn your Youtube's old White background into Black.

How do I fix YouTube black screen?
Maybe you just activated Youtube Dark them feature. So you just have to turn it off by following these steps-
Youtube>Settings>General>Dark theme

How do I turn YouTube dark on Android?
To Turn Youtube Dark on Android, You just have to open Youtube App, tap on the Navigation bar & go to Settings, Find General Settings there you'll find a Dark Theme option just tap on it & turn on or off youtube dark Mode.

You can use YouTube dark mode in your Android device for PC browsers. This time you don't need to download any other application or You don't need to Root your Device.
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